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QOQ Links is a premium link building vendor based out the UK but sells backlinks globally.

You will not believe in the review below their stance with new customers which is awesome!!

Are you getting the most from your website and building authority to your site with backlinks?

Who are QOQ Links?

QOQ Links is the new kid on the block. Link building has been around since the dawn on Google.

Plenty of link providers and consultants have come and gone, but QOQ is here to stay.

This company has used new technologies to the latest outreach methods to create a link building machine. So how did they come to be?

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QOQ Links Team

In 2014, Jason Morris, one of QOQ’s founders, decided to join the link building community.

With his background as a sales and marketing director for international corporations, he liked the idea of outreach and negotiation, which are key elements in becoming a top link builder.

He started his own business Profit Engine, which focused on bespoke outreach campaigns that built high quality and relevant links for his clients.

The business grew fast, so he decided to bring in some family members to help grow the business. Hugo and Jasper, his sons, joined the business to help with managing campaigns and clients.

What they realised is that the processes of building links takes time and can be monotonous, they wanted to provide links quicker for their clients but still provide quality, how could they do this?

They knew there was technology out there to help provide a better service, so they teamed up with a computer scientist from MIT.

They spent countless hours over skype going through their processes and how the latest AI and code could cut out the boring bits. A new, one of a kind, link building CRM was created, software that could help scale the business and help provide high-quality links in bulk and quickly.

QOQ links now work with SEO agencies across the UK and work with big corporations all over the world.

They want to make a difference in the industry and with the technology to back them up, it certainly looks like they will do that. The team is growing quickly and they plan to expand even further. Keep on the watch for QOQ links!

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Who Made The List?

New Customers

At QOQ Links they understand the importance of reverse relevance links also known by OMG training course as reverse sink or swim.

So before any orders are placed they provide link audits to check the best return clients will get from the links they provide.

They are trying to go that extra step to assist clients to achieve their goals in growing organic traffic and profit online.

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