Replay Maintenance Review

Replay Maintenance is a UK-based synthetic sports surface provider and maintainer, offering a range of features for both indoor and outdoor surfacing projects. This Replay Maintenance review will explain what they do and how their customers have responded to their work in the past.

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Replay Maintenance Overview

Replay Maintenance has always been closely tied to synthetic surface management, installation and repair. However, as technology has continued to march on, the amount of services they can offer to clients has increased significantly, bringing clients even more options to choose from.

As one of the leading artificial surface companies in the UK, Replay Maintenance has partnered with multiple major groups, including SAPCA, the Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, the Football Foundation, IOG, and various other accreditation groups.

All of this is meant to show that Replay Maintenance have a great high-quality list of services on offer, many of which have been approved (or even used) by major groups within the sports industry. However, that does not mean that the company can’t work with individual clients, too.

The Replay Maintenance site also hosts a large number of technical articles and guides. These are a good way to learn more about the installation, replacement and repair of synthetic sports surfaces, as well as the design principles and materials involved in making certain professional sports pitches.

Services Offered By Replay Maintenance

Replay Maintenance is primarily a turf and surfacing company, and everything that they do is related to this kind of field. However, they still have quite a variety of different services to provide to clients.

Replay Maintenance offers the following services:

Revive Maintenance

The Replay Revive maintenance system is designed to extend the life of any sports surface while also helping to improve existing fields and pitches, making sure that they will not wear out quickly or put players in danger of sudden falls. This maintenance is mostly machine-based.

The special single-operator-driven machine used in this revival maintenance process helps to strip away contaminants and other materials that could cause major damage over time. This includes things that may only damage specific turf or surface types, like water-based ones, but not others.

Once this is done, the machinery decompacts and adjust the infill to clean away any broken-down carpet fibre or other materials, essentially ‘refreshing’ the surface and its fill to help keep the overall quality high. This also helps it retain proper shock absorption and consistency.

When done as a one-off maintenance task, it can help rejuvenate a surface that has started to wear out from heavy use or under awful weather conditions. In most cases, the machine can do enough of the work to get the surface back to normal, dramatically reducing the repair or replacements costs involved.

Restore Work

Properly cleaning a sports surface is something that many customers forget to consider. Not only can cleaning dramatically improve the quality of the surface, but it can also prevent unexpected damage, wear and tear. By stopping the damage before it gets too far, repair costs are not an issue anymore.

This restoration may seem minor, but in reality, it needs another major machine – the AquaTrax. This uses pressure jets to dislodge any dirt on the surface, which is then sucked up to stop it from settling back on the same spot. If done properly, it completely removes built-up dirt and debris.

This system is suitable for any kind of surface, although hard court areas sometimes use the AquaCourt instead. This sprays in multiple directions rather than just one, helping to clean a larger, open area instead of a single track or line. This can be ideal for bigger multi-use courts.


The rejuvenation process is meant to help breathe new life into a surface that has been damaged beyond the point of normal cleaning and repair. This can include damage due to spreading dirt and plants, destruction through artificial vandalism, or even flooding and heavy rainwater.

Whatever the cause is, having a way to completely repair a surface that is impossible to save normally can be much cheaper than having the entire thing replaced. Damage to the infill is especially serious since it can remove the injury-reducing padding that players rely on.

This process involves sucking out the contaminated top layer of the surface, then re-filling it with a new infill and (if needed) replacing any damaged surfaces. This can be done on tennis courts, football pitches, and almost any other sports area that has suffered major contamination or damage.

This entire rejuvenation system is far cheaper than replacing the whole court and can help to extend the life of the surface by almost double if handled properly.


In situations where emergency repairs are needed (immediate damage is extremely bad, or because a game is scheduled within the next few days), then Replay Maintenance offer a full repair service. This aims to get the entire pitch or court game-ready as fast as possible, any day of the week.

These emergency repairs are carried out based on whatever the damage might have been, so there is no standardised method for handling damage. If your court has a lot of water damage, then that is what Replay Maintenance will repair, and they will not waste time with other things.

This is the perfect option for damages that need to be repaired as fast as possible, especially damage that did not have any warning signs or could not have been predicted. This includes vandalism, sudden harsh weather, physical damage from equipment misuse, or anything else that ruins the field.

Service Agreements

These four options, and more, can all become part of a long-term service agreement. Clients can hire Replay Maintenance to be a consistent source of maintenance and repair work, meaning that they are able to fix any damages or issues that might appear.

Doing this basically gives clients protection on their investment. While the service is bespoke and can be agreed on based on the client’s needs, Replay Maintenance perform routine checks and maintenance on the surface to make sure that it survives as long as possible before being replaced.

Replay Maintenance Contact Details

Replay Maintenance Address – Lancaster House, 21 Roseland Business Park, Long Bennington, England NG23 5FF

Replay Maintenance Phone Number – 01636 640506

Replay Maintenance Fax Number – 01636 612860

Replay Maintenance Email – [email protected]

Replay Maintenance Twitter 

Replay Maintenance Facebook

Replay Maintenance LinkedIn

Replay Maintenance Reviews

Replay Maintenance keeps multiple testimonials on their site, although there are also a few reviews scattered around the internet that should give you an idea of what their services are like. These reviews and testimonials are generally all positive.

Alistair Scott of the Western Wildcats Hockey Club said:

“The work that Replay carried out was absolutely outstanding. The pitch is playing as good as new.”

Trevor Fox from the Sheffield College has said:

“Everything with Replay has been smooth and professional and we have no complaints with the services they have provided.”

Ed Ramsden from Leicester Grammar School stated:

“The surfaces are playing really well since Replay came in and conducted their rejuvenation process. The team are very professional and contact has always been easy and efficient”

Joe Hoekstra from Mondo praised the restoration services by saying:

“Without this amazing machine we would not have managed. Even the worst areas cleaned up perfectly, great job!”

Alan Horgan, a representative of the Nottingham Trent University, added:

“Based on their strong reputation in the sector we took out a service agreement with Replay. It protects our investment and maintains the safety and integrity of the surfaces.”

Brent Sowerby from the Sandhill Centre was very happy with the service:

“Your team of professional and knowledgeable staff were a pleasure to work with.”

Dade Ludley of Braunton Academy said something similar:

“Replay have been great, we would have not been placed on the FA approved register without them. The team are always very helpful, very conscientious and as a contractor they are one of the nicest I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

All of these reviews are very positive, with no real bad reviews insight. While there might not be many full reviews to base your opinion off, a lack of bad reviews is always a good thing since it means that no clients felt so ripped off or mistreated that they had to post a negative review.


Replay Maintenance services are very straightforward but also very effective, making them a great no-nonsense option for keeping your playing surfaces safe and functional. Whether it is one-off maintenance or a longer-term arrangement, they can handle various problems almost perfectly.

If you want to know more about something that the company may offer, then use the Replay Maintenance contact details above to ask any important questions you might have. There are going to be countless details that are not listed on the company site, which you will want to know.

This Replay Maintenance review can’t list every single case or project that the company has been involved in, but they have plenty of details on their site, as well as examples of their work before and after carrying it out. Be sure to take a good look at what they offer and past work they have done.

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