RP Affiliates Program

If you’re already running a popular gambling site or blog, you may want to join a casino affiliate program.  For many people, an affiliate program is a fantastic way to generate extra cash. You can do this by promoting various gaming sites and services.

You can sign up here to become a partner with this program.

Who Are RP Affiliates?

The RP Affiliate program is very well-rated and regarded online. So it could well be your best chance at generating some serious passive income.  RP stands for Royal Panda, and this scheme is in association with the popular Royal Panda Sportsbook and Royal Panda Casino.

But, as with all affiliate schemes, the RP affiliates program carries the risk that you may not make much, if any, money at all.  Your money made is going to depend on how many people you refer to casino brands overseen by the scheme.

With that in mind, if you already get plenty of traffic, you could convert this into some serious cash.  Let’s take a look at how this particular scheme works in practice.

What is the Partnership Scheme?

The RP partnership scheme is a chance to make money from referring visitors to casinos.  The RP program will offer you a variety of marketing aids as well as ongoing support. They will also give advice on how best to engage with your visitors.  You are going to need to be persuasive, engaging and sincere!

The partnership scheme is a way for gaming and gambling bloggers and site owners to team up with a leading brand.  RP Affiliates will share with you a cut of any profits you help make for them, on a sliding scale.

So, depending on how much money your referees invest in any given period, you will get a fair percentage of the cashback.  For many people, this is a fair and reasonable deal.

Sites Supported

As stated above, unlike some other affiliate programs, the scheme only supports one online casino.  The RP Affiliate program is built to introduce new people to the Royal Panda casino. This is a popular gaming brand which already as a firm core of players and supporters.  For that reason, you may not find it too difficult to introduce new players into the site!

Royal Panda casino works with a variety of different software and games developers, too. So this should make the deal all the more enticing.  They make some of the best-known slots sites and online bingo brands out there. We’ll cover this angle in a little more detail shortly.

For now, though, rest easy in the knowledge that Royal Panda is a much-loved casino brands. That should give you confidence in bringing clickers to the fold.

Potential Earnings and Commission

Always make sure you check out the revenue scale and potential earnings before you sign up with an affiliate scheme.  It’s just good business sense!

This scheme currently runs an introductory offer where you will be able to get 50% revenue share back on any money your depositors generate.  This is a nice little way to introduce you to the scheme, and it may even help you to convert into cash pretty fast.

But, beyond the first two months of membership, your scale will revert to normal.  This, when you analyse it, is actually still very competitive.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 30% on anything between €1 and €5,000
  • 40% on anything between €5,000 and €10,000
  • 45% on anything between €10,000 and €30,000
  • 50% on anything over €30,000

Payment Options

To be able to cash out with the program, you are going to need to either bank transfer through wire, or use Skrill or Neteller as e-wallets.  So, you should have plenty of flexibility on payment methods.

Do look out for minimum transfer threshold as you will need to have at least €100 available to cash out to an e-wallet.  This is somewhat high for such methods, compared to others.

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Software Developers

Software developers on board Royal Panda and the RP Affiliate program include NetEnt and Microgaming. This means your referees are going to be in good hands if they choose to click through and deposit.

This should make your life easier, and what’s more, you should be able to generate cash with solid games behind you. The Royal Panda sportsbook is also included if you want to promote online bookmakers with this deal.

Why not take a look at the program? Head to the main site to sign up.

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