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S&C Slatter is an artificial turf and pitch company based in Enborne, England. This S&C Slatter review will tell you all the key details about what they offer, who they are, and if their customers are happy with the work that they have done in the past.

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S&C Slatter Overview

S&C Slatter was founded in 1992 by Stephen and Caroline Slatter (whose initials and surname became the company name). Starting as construction specialists, the company continued to grow into other areas over the course of 30 years, gradually spreading into other services as well.

Now, S&C Slatter offers a wide range of different services to clients on both a residential and commercial level. Their site hosts many different examples of their work across various sports sectors, from major stadiums to independent schools and local work creating public spaces.

The company is accredited by multiple major authorities, including the Independent Schools Association (who they are a Gold Preferred Supplier for) and the International Hockey Federation (FIH), who has marked them as a Certified Field Builder.

S&C Slatter also has an accreditation from Safecontractor, earned for their excellent health and safety standards. This means that the company clearly puts a lot of effort into making its processes as safe and reliable as possible, rather than cutting corners to save money.

Services Offered By S&C Slatter

S&C Slatter is primarily a turf and pitch company, but that has not stopped them from working in other areas, too, including ones only loosely connected to turf and surfacing. S&C Slatter offers the following services:

Artificial Turf Pitches

Artificial turf is a major part of S&C Slatter services, covering a range of different types and sport-specific designs. This includes hockey, rugby and football pitches as well as bespoke designs for certain games or types of play. All of them are created with client approval and collaboration.

Technically, each turf is designed bespoke based on what the client wants and which area they are wanting it to be laid in. This means that S&C Slatter goes through a full planning and survey stage before they even begin work, mapping out which areas they are going to work on and how to do it.

This allows clients more chances to adjust things or rethink their decisions if they are not sure, as well as giving them an easy way to get a pitch that is perfect for their needs. Larger projects (like stadiums) have also needed this planning to fit multiple pitches near one another in a limited area.

The artificial turfs provided by S&C Slatter can come in multiple forms, with the specific artificial grass designs and types being based on client needs. This includes Gen 2 artificial turfs, which use an updated design for a thicker construction that allows for multi-sport use.

Sports Facilities

S&C Slatter services include various sports facilities and equipment. This can be anything from fencing and lighting on particular pitches to entire buildings, or even ‘sports hubs’ that are entire structures meant for multi-sports use on a wider scale.

This also includes MUGAs (multi-use games areas), athletics tracks, natural pitches, and various other facilities that might be ideal for certain sports or events. These pitches are multi-functional and can be designed for any number of games or even for generic non-game uses.

Alongside the construction, S&C Slatter also has multiple finance and leasing options through their partnership with Buckingham Leasing that helps keep these projects affordable. This means that clients that normally can’t afford these facilities (like some schools) have a way to get them installed.

This funding comes in many forms, and clients can choose between different types of lease, hire purchase agreements, or whatever else would suit them best. Since S&C Slatter uses a genuine leasing company as a partner, customers can discuss exactly which option is best for them.

Roads and Car Parks

One of the more surprising S&C Slatter services is the car parks, roads and other similar infrastructure they can help build. All of these can be used either as part of a larger sports project or a standalone job, but their planning and focus are the same as the sports surfacing.

This is helpful for replacing or upgrading existing roads and paths and can be especially useful for larger-scale sports projects that might not have road access or a nearby car park. Constructing one especially for that sports facility is a lot simpler, even for schools or local parks.

Since these roads and paths are built to the same standard as the other surfacing projects, this means that drainage, surveying and planning are extremely important stages. Customers get the same level of control over exactly what happens during the early planning.

S&C Slatter is also able to improve existing roads (or resurface them) to make maintenance easier, preventing potholes and other signs of damage from forming as quickly. In areas that rely on good drainage, this can be especially vital since flooding can cause damage to other nearby facilities.


Maintenance is actually one of the other services that S&C Slatter offer, spread out amongst the different kinds of project that they can take on. This includes things like pitch maintenance, turf repairs, and deep-cleaning of both artificial and natural surfaces.

This maintenance work can also relate to equipment sales. S&C Slatter sells the equipment and training needed to maintain these kinds of facilities yourself, which means that they can also provide a way for clients to start looking after their own installation after some simple training time.

As with most services offered by S&C Slatter, this training is bespoke. Tailored to your situation and needs, as well as the kind of installations you have, it allows you (or your employees) to start maintaining the space without learning a lot of useless and irrelevant details about other materials.

The regular repairs and cleaning are all done with specialist equipment, chosen based on the situation. S&C Slatter does not use a generic one-size-fits-all solution and is actively aware of which methods work best for which materials, avoiding unwanted damage by using the wrong techniques.

S&C Slatter Contact Details

S&C Slatter Reviews

S&C Slatter has received a few reviews over the years, almost all of them positive. However, very few of them have actual text, which might be a symptom of the niche that the company occupies. There is also the fact that many customers simply will not leave reviews at all, even positive ones.

S&C Slatter scored a 95% in their contactor performance review in 2016, more than 10% higher than average. This review was the Hampshire County Council Annual Review of Contractor Performance, meaning that it was backed by a government body and was an official test of the company’s skills.

The current Google My Business entry for S&C Slatter has multiple reviews, all five-stars but without any text. Other than that, most normal searches do not bring up any major reviews, even on regular review sites.

A low amount of reviews is not bad, especially not in the niche that S&C Slatter occupies. It just means that not many customers wanted to leave reviews. Considering most reviews are left when something is poor-quality, it shows that there is not anything to complain about with their work.

If you prefer to rely on reviews to learn more about a company, then you can’t easily do that with S&C Slatter. However, the lack of negative reviews definitely shows that they do good work. Otherwise, there would be more complaints on the internet to read about.


S&C Slatter is a company that has been around for a while and does not seem ready to vanish any time soon. The complete list of S&C Slatter services is quite extensive, and there is a lot of room for customer input, leading to some excellent bespoke work across many different sectors.

This also means that they are a good option for any project with multiple stages. For example, if you needed a pitch build, walled off, lit, and then competed with some changing rooms and a car park, S&C Slatter could perform all of those different steps one after the other with minimal hassle.

If you want to learn more about S&C Slatter services, then use the S&C Slatter contact details you have already seen to get in touch with them. The company can answer plenty of questions that were not able to be answered in this S&C Slatter review since not everything they offer is displayed online.

Almost everything that the company offers is bespoke in one way or another, and there are always ways for customers to adjust the work that they are getting or the plan they are following. Remember that the client is the main focus: whatever they want, S&C Slatter will do their best to meet their requirements.

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