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Are you looking for a superb links service to help build your site’s credibility and authority? In this SEO Butler review, we will be looking at everything you need to know about the link building options and SEO services the company has to offer.

Did SEOButler Make The Top 10 Best Link Builders?

By the end of the review, you should have a clear idea of how SEOButler works, and whether or not they will be the best fit for your blogs or e-commerce sites.

Who is SEOButler?

SEOButler is a leading SEO business focusing on providing fantastic links and strategies to a wide array of businesses and individuals. They have spent at least five years honing their approach, with headquarters based in Brighton, UK.

However, the business offers links building and other SEO services worldwide, meaning that they can be relied on for a variety of optimisation standards. They also work regularly with contractors and freelancers to help provide a professional service that always generates money and interest for their clients.

Their main values are based around concepts of great quality care and friendly, approachable customer support. If you’re looking for SEO services and strong citations with a smile, you will do well to get in touch with SEOButler and to set up a plan of action!

They have a team approach to SEO problem solving and building links, and if you’re in need of a new focus to really get your business to the next stage of growth and revenue, you’re encouraged to call the team just as soon as you can.

What Do They Offer?

SEO Butler offers a range of professional SEO services to help bolster any business presence online, which include the following:

  • Links and Citations. If you’re looking to really make a difference in your industry and to drive clicks and revenue, you’re going to need people to link back to you. SEOButler offers a fantastic citation service, with the promise of generating manual, great-quality cites within just two weeks of your application.
  • Content Production. The heart of SEO lies in quality content support. Alongside great links and citations, SEOButler will support you with guest posts and actionable content which genuinely engages with people who click on you!
  • Social Signals. Having a firm SEO strategy is only the start, and so is having a strong social media presence. You’re going to make sure you get plenty of links from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. SEOButler will arrange for stacks of great quality social signals to drive genuine interest in your blog, website and online store.


Pricing at SEO Butler varies from product to product, but they offer a fantastic value which will appeal to any small business looking to save money on organic marketing.

For example, their social signals are available for $14 per 200 links. There are further rates and packages available as well. To save time and money, it may be worth looking into setting up a larger package of links to see you through time to come.

Always use the slider on the site to see how much you could save!

SEO Butler

You can also buy citations in packages of 25 through the site for $25. It’s one of many services which are available at low rates and in bite sized packages to help you get used to the concept.

Do also take a look at their flexible, affordable guest posts charges and packages, too!


SEO Butler was founded as a business back in 2014, before evolving into PBNButler in 2015.

The company grew further the year after, offering US-based content and growing their team and services. By this point, SEO Butler started offering social signals, web 2.0 support and more.

By 2018, the business had changed shape to become SEOButler, growing their UK team and bases, while working with experts and professionals based overseas, too.

By 2020, the brand had completely revamped their brilliant website for a modern audience, creating an e-commerce experience that’s appealing and easy to use across various platforms and devices.

Contact Details

Contact SEO Butler at the following:

What Others Are Saying

  • “When I really needed strong links and citations for my business, SEO Butler were there to support me. The team really does trade on being as friendly and as straightforward as possible!
  • “Sometimes SEO is really confusing, but Jonathan and the team have helped me get my head around links, citations and everything in between. Their guest posts are fantastic, too!”
  • “I really didn’t have much time at all to write my own content, so I was thrilled SEO Butler’s team were able to help me. I regularly use their services to help boost my clickthrough rate. Their links are unbeatable.”
  • “You won’t find a cheaper link building and citations service in the UK. The Butlers are the best at what they do – highly recommended.”

Final Thoughts

SEO Butler is a company which has grown hugely in a very short space of time. Working closely with professionals offering SEO and link building services all over the world, they are a friendly and collaborative team with more than a few strings to their bow.

The company is easy to reach through email and webform. It’s also really easy to work out how much money you need to pay for your specific SEO demands, meaning that you can simply use their site’s main sliders to work everything out before you go ahead.

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If you need guest posts, links, blog services and other SEO site enhancements, you can always call on the team to line up a bespoke package and plan of action to bring custom and revenue for years to come.

It’s time to start building your authority online – and it all starts with links, SEO strategies and more!

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