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SEO Notebook is an SEO blog that delivers actionable and up-to-date SEO and marketing strategies.

The marketing blog benefits many companies, providing proven tips and tricks to help websites rank higher on the SERP.

If you are looking to expand your SEO knowledge, you need to subscribe to SEO Notebook today.

Once you sign-up, you will receive a page from Steve Toth’s exclusive SEO strategy notes weekly.

Who created SEO Notebook?

Steve Toth is an online entrepreneur who is the founder of SEO Notebook.

SEO Notebook is many people’s go -to-website to find out the latest news in digital marketing.

Steve creates targeted, informative, and helpful blog posts surrounding various areas of SEO.

He covers tools, techniques, tips, and more when carefully cultivating his online note forum. His high-quality blog has garnered him a large following.

SEO Notebook’s clients include CryptoWallet, Mejuri, KPMG, Toyota, and EMI.

As one of the brightest minds in SEO, his SEO company is one of the best.

What do you receive with SEO Notebook?

Once you sign-up with SEO Notebook, you will receive a weekly blog post. The blog post’s topic will vary; however, it will always provide some nuggets of knowledge or helpful SEO tips.

Additionally, you will receive the free SEO spreadsheet bundle. This bundle includes:

  • An internal linking spreadsheet.
  • A CTR benchmarking spreadsheet.
  • A backlink planning spreadsheet.

The complimentary spreadsheets will help you organise your SEO strategy more efficiently.

How much does it cost to subscribe to SEO Notebook?

You will be happy to know that SEO Notebook is free for subscribers.

All you have to do to sign up is register and confirm your email address.

You will then receive weekly blog posts that will help improve your SEO strategy from Steve Toth.

What are SEO Notebook subscribers saying?

Kyle Roof from Internet Marketing Gold stated:

Get all the golden nugs without having to scroll through the SEO groups on the internet to get them. SEO Notebook is a relaible source for well thought out SEO tips and tricks from industry leaders.

Matt Diggity from Diggity Marketing wrote:

Steve has curated one of the best resources in the industry for staying up on important and trending SEO topics. This one is a ‘must subscribe’ for anyone who is looking to get an advantage.


To summarise, if you want to receive free SEO tips and tricks, then SEO Notebook is perfect for you.

As a leading SEO individual, his blog posts hold crucial information that can help improve your SEO strategy and increase your organic traffic.

He covers various topics, from link-building details, domain authority tips, new on-page SEO tools, and more.

You would be a fool not to take advantage of this rare and rewarding opportunity.

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