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What better way to improve your website than with Sitebulb?

Sitebulb can scan your website and provide actionable recommendations for how to improve organic ranking positions and traffic.

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Learn more about this desktop website crawler and the different features it comes with it in this Sitebulb Review.

Sitebulb Overview

Sitebulb wants to make their clients’ life simpler by saving them time on routine chores and assisting them in becoming more effective marketers, particularly when it comes to technical SEO. Effective SEO has always revolved around data. They know this because they have spent years in the trenches with their clients and businesses, and Sitebulb was created out of the necessity to gather this data more effectively.

They have always been a part of the wonderful, helpful SEO and digital marketing community, and, as a gift in return, they offer this auditing tool to help you perform your job better.

The website audit procedure relies heavily on thorough URL research. Sitebulb allows you to crawl an infinite number of domains while also crawling huge sites. Unlike all cloud crawlers, Sitebulb has no use limitations. This means you won’t be penalized if you do a test or exploratory crawl or if you let a crawl grow out of hand because you neglected to include URL exclusions.

Sitebulb, unlike cloud crawling software, provides on-demand crawling, allowing you to get up and running in minutes. For a versatile and convenient crawling experience, real-time progress will enable you to monitor the crawl and modify parameters on the go. Sitebulb has a set of ready default settings that can help you in your new project, rendering insightful reports and verification scores that may help increase organic traffic interaction. You may switch between high-speed HTML crawling and very accurate JavaScript rendering thanks to cutting-edge crawling technology.

Services Offered By Sitebulb

Sitebulb was created to assist you in conducting a complete website audit and successfully communicating your results. Sitebulb promises to show you how “crawler-friendly” your website is by showing how search engines see it. The Sitebulb Crawl Report will help you get a better idea of how easy it is to crawl the site and what kinds of data crawlers are looking for. It is critical for search engine optimization best practices to ensure that search engines crawl and index material. Here are some of the Sitebulb features you can look forward to.

  • Prioritized Hints. Sitebulb will pre-process over 300 common optimization tests and offer them as context-specific ‘Hints’ whenever you finish a website audit. Every Hint also includes a ‘Learn more’ button that leads to a dedicated page on their website explaining the problem and how to address it. You can either follow along yourself or have your developer fix it for you.
  • Audit Scores. Hints from Sitebulb have upped the standard for what you can expect from a website crawler by providing valuable insights rather than simply statistics. Those Hints have now been condensed into a score that has immediate meaning and can be readily evaluated by marketers of any skill level and turn into actionable website audits. Sitebulb produces a score for each part with Hints, allowing you to focus on specific areas for development. Because there is a separate score for SEO, you can simply show clients or employers that your SEO is on track by documenting changes in this score.
  • Flexible PDF Reports. You can easily create professional, structured managers, flexible PDF reports that incorporate the audit for presentation using Sitebulb’s PDF reporting tools. You may save the PDF to your computer, share it with your team, or email it to clients and prospects. Many Sitebulb users have had success using PDF reports as a sales hook for potential customers. They may provide prospective clients with a customized audit report with only a few button clicks, which they can utilize as a starting point for future interaction.
  • Evergreen Googlebot Crawler. Crawling is undergoing a transformation. Google is now displaying the website content and running JavaScript, as well as updating the index with fresh data, rather than merely collecting the HTML text and indexing it. You must be able to crawl and render every page on your website in order to get the whole picture and score better in google analytics. Sitebulb’s sophisticated Chrome Crawler allows you to accomplish just that, and it is available to all users at no extra charge, working at a more efficient rate when compared to other website crawlers.
  • Audit Comparison. A website audit is essentially a snapshot of a website at a given moment in time. But that’s just half the story; understanding how it’s changed through time and what events led to its current condition is almost as essential. Sitebulb offers a number of features that can help you comprehend what you’re looking at by providing historical context. Trendlines provide a tale that conveys information quickly. You can see how the data has evolved over time, and the up/down figures indicate how much the data has changed since the last audit. Hover over any data point to see the audit’s value and timestamp.
  • Data Visualization. The goal of a website audit is to identify any flaws or opportunities that a website may have, and then to explain them to any relevant stakeholders using a visual reporting interface. Graphical representations are ideal for expressing larger trends because they may reveal patterns that would otherwise be hidden in raw data. Sitebulb’s rich graphs can assist you in rapidly identifying meanings and communicating them in a report or presentation that uses intuitive visualizations.
  • URL Explorers. Build custom reports to go deeper into your crawl data by selecting every data column, filter, and sort. URL Explorers can be accessed via any Hint or straight from the filtered listings. Each one enables you to carefully alter the data acquired by Sitebulb.
  • Crawl Large Websites. The in-crawl dashboard on Sitebulb allows you to track crawl progress in real-time. Sitebulb is a desktop crawler that combines the intelligence of a SaaS crawler with the ease of a desktop crawler. In reality, it combines the advantages of both platforms while eliminating the drawbacks. It lets you crawl an infinite number of domains while also easily crawling very huge sites. Sitebulb is both strong and adaptable since it allows you to crawl and render Javascript webpages.

Sitebulb Contact Details

If you need to contact support or talk with Sitebulb, use the following information. If you are already a user, verify that you are using the most recent version of Sitebulb and that any difficulties you are experiencing are also present in this version.

Address:  Hill View, Bell Lane, Biddenden, Kent, United Kingdom, TN27 8LD


Email: [email protected]




Registration Number: 12125600

Sitebulb Reviews

Sitebulb has been an active part of the industry for several years. They are delivering actionable insights and results to their clients. Read about the different experiences of these customers in the following reviews.

For quick audits for small or big websites, is a very good piece of software at a very fair price. It’s one of the most well-designed SEO software you can get. For a freelancer or small SEO agency, it’s arguably the best choice. – Omar L.

For all-encompassing SEO software aimed at big sites needing detailed audits across multiple marketing areas Sitebulb is very complete. If your machine is of good spec and you have a need for deep audits such as accessibility as well as SEO tech audits, this software is a good option despite the high price. – Jonny C.

Sitebulb was very beneficial in understanding the structure and SEO state of my client’s websites. For one migration project of 10 websites, we used Sitebulb to verify that the migration was successful and hadn’t introduced any new issues. – Brandon Z.

I use it almost daily to create SEO audit reports for my clients. It saves me a lot of time and helps me to deliver reports that are easy to understand and visually appealing. – Juan G.

The ability to see a visual representation of the structure of a site just makes it easy to know which pages have issues that need immediate action. This allows you to quickly redress imbalances. – Phil G.


While making this Sitelbulb review, we found that it is a website crawler for desktop computers that is much more than a crawler. It performs a website assessment and generates practical recommendations as well as attractive visuals. It will take your technical SEO audits to the next level while also saving you time by performing a deep crawl that identified deep-rooted issues through crawling tools. Any SEO should check out Sitebulb, a powerful crawling tool. While Sitebulb has a lot of the same features as Deepcrawl, Screaming Frog, and Botify, it excels in presenting data in a way that webmasters can use in their attempts to make their websites more SEO friendly.

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