Smith Construction Review

Smith Construction is a UK-based pitch and sports surface company that has become a nationally recognised part of the industry. This Smith Construction review will go into what they offer, their services, and whether they are well-received by their customers.

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Smith Construction Overview

Smith Construction was founded in 1979 and have gradually grown into a major supplier of sports surface materials and services for over 40 years. Their experience has let them work with a range of different companies and organisations, as well as allowing them offer even more special services.

While the company mostly focuses on standard surfacing, there are a lot of options and adjustments available to clients, meaning that Smith Construction can work on a huge variety of different projects. The company has quickly become a major name in the industry due to their work.

Services Offered By Smith Construction

Smith Construction have numerous different services that they can offer under the surfacing umbrella, and they have been able to increase this list of options as newer technologies have become available. Smith Construction offer the following services:


Smith Construction are able to create a range of different pitch types, with sand-dressed, water-based and 3G pitches being the most common. All three are made following a proper study of the area and the feasibility of putting a pitch there, with all of the investigations that requires.

This means that your chosen space will be checked for important details that can make pitches more or less convenient to build there. Drainage, waterlogging, ground quality and other key details are all looked for before the planning even begins, helping to avoid accidental mistakes or future problems.

These site surveys are followed by technical and well-made CAD plans that look over the area and map out the exact result that the client wants, as well as any other technical details. This could mean things like working out how to keep the ground stable or the best paths to drain away rainwater.

All of this should, ideally, lead to pitches that are safe, secure from weather damage, and do not contain any ‘ticking time bombs that might have been overlooked. Depending on the type of pitch the client wants and which ones are suitable, this can completely change what is on offer.

Paths, Roads and Steps

Smith Construction also offer services that involve creating regular paths and pathways rather than normal wider spaces. This can be helpful for breaking up sports areas or just for laying paths in places that are relying on trampled dirt roads, like through parks or around the edges of a school’s field.

These paths are completely bespoke since it really depends on the land and the kind of outcome that the customer wants. Hills and raised areas might need steps, slopes and ramps to get up, while flatter land will not need them unless they are connecting to an artificially raised space.

Throughout all of this, these paths can also be expanded into roads for driving through, which might be helpful in commercial areas that rely on vehicle traffic or need a way for employees to get closer. This could also be turned into a driveway for a residential home – essentially just a bigger path.

All of these options are tailored to the client’s needs, so none of them is pre-set in any way. If a path needs to be a certain width or warp around an obstacle in a specific way, then Smith Construction work with their customers to plan it out properly.

Multi-Use Games Areas

On top of regular pitches, Smith Construction can also create MUGAs that are suitable for a range of sports. These are made in the same ways as a regular pitch but are designed to handle up to four different sports that all need different, distinct markings.

These games areas are perfect for schools and parks with limited space, but they can also be a good solution to areas that are not meant for a single sport, like gyms or general exercise facilities. Since they are made like a regular pitch, all the same options and benefits are available with a MUGA.

Changing Rooms and Pavilions

Smith Construction also offer changing room construction services. This is not just for indoor spaces or to attach onto the side of an existing building: they can also be standalone structures near the pitch or exercise area. Once again, they can vary based on what the customer needs.

These changing areas might be a useful option for outdoor sports and exercise fields. Since they are built to the customer’s requests and needs, there can be a lot of flexibility in how they are designed and how much space they actually take up during the planning stage.

Pavilions are also another option, free-standing structures that can be used for a variety of different roles and niches. They do not have to be used as changing rooms, but that is one potential use for them. They can also be shelters, storage areas, or even just a place to escape the sun on hot days.

Retaining Structures

The installation of retaining structures, like walls and barriers, is another useful service offered by Smith Construction. These can keep falling earth, mud, water, and other obstructions in place, which can be helpful near loose soil or areas that flood often.

These retaining walls are not always going to be needed, but when they are, having the option available might save a lot of time if a client wants a pitch installed in an area that is prone to loose soil or another minor hazard.

Extensive Checks and Plans

As mentioned before, Smith Construction go through a lot of feasibility checks and design plans before they start installing any pitches. These stages are actually a service all by themselves and can be very useful to people who do not know if their land is usable yet.

For example, if a local council wants to install a new pitch in a location that generally does not get used, it might end up being unsuitable for major construction work without retaining walls. The company can inspect the area and provide a clear, reliable answer fairly quickly.

These checks do not have to lead to a construction project immediately, either. If the area is not feasible for any major installation work, then Smith Construction may be able to help their clients find a new spot that they can use. They can also adjust the plans to suit this new location.

Smith Construction Contact Details

Smith Construction Reviews

Smith Construction have quite a range of positive reviews from all of their work. Since they have been able to work with so many different organisations and groups over the years, many of their reviews come from specific projects with certain requirements or client requests.

Matthew Walsh from Surrey FA said:

“Surrey FA is delighted with how the pitch has responded to the works. We were very impressed with the speed, quality and professionalism of the works undertaken by Smiths.”

Malcolm Godwin, an ACE Estates Manager, said:

“Professional and extremely accommodating, always trying to meet the needs of the customer.”

John Murphy, the Chairman of the Barford, Sherbourne and Wasperton Joint Parish Council, states:

“We feel particularly fortunate to have been able to work with Smiths, as Main Contractors. They have coped admirably with our enthusiastic project management and we have all delivered a splendid facility of which we can all be extremely proud and which should last us all well into the future”

From Chris Wildson, the head teacher of Cranwell Primary School in Lincolnshire:

“I would fully recommend Smith Construction for installation of a MUGA. The team, from the planning stage to the construction, have been thoroughly professional, resulting in a fantastic resource for our school.”

John Buckles, from Saint Ronan’s School in Kent, says:

“Despite the difficulties encountered in land, weather and other things outside Smith’s control, building went smoothly. High recommend Smith’s, high in expertise, common sense and easy to deal with!”


Smith Construction have a range of different services on offer. While this Smith Construction review can’t dive into every specific niche they have worked in, you can always use the Smith Construction contact details above to ask them directly if you need to know more about certain services.

There are a lot of different things that the company could do for their customers and clients, and that makes them very versatile. They seem to have a lot of experience in a wide variety of fields, so even the strangest requests could probably get carried out very easily once the planning is complete.

If you want to look into Smith Construction for yourself, take a closer look at what they offer, or get into contact with them. There are a lot of things that can only be discussed between a business and a client, especially when it comes to a bespoke pitch design that is tailor-made for one location.

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