Step By Step Recovery Review

Alcohol and drug addiction aren’t exactly something people overcome easily. Of course, we all want to lead a healthier and happier life, but the journey to gaining full health and happiness – a life away from dependence on drugs and alcohol, always starts with a step.

Oftentimes though, we think that one solution fits everyone but that simply isn’t the case. Step by Step Recovery recognises this and so they offer services that give each and every patient the next experience and treatment instead of the wrong one. So, in this review, we’ll go into detail about Step by Step drug and alcohol rehab centre offering proven addiction treatments, who they are, and why you should consider working with them.

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Step by Step Recovery is a bespoke drug & alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Essex, London. It’s the UK’s first & only dedicated addiction treatment clinic. They provide treatments and services to cure addiction & they have an inpatient rehabilitation clinic that provides great life support services.

Their philosophy is to guide each and every rehab patient step by step throughout the entire treatment process. From detoxification of alcohol and drugs in the hospital to rehabilitation of addiction, prevention of recurrence, and offer life time after care and follow-up care for successful treatment, they’re there for you. So, if you’d like more information, then read on!

Step By Step Recovery Overview

Addiction is very complex and the cure is equally as difficult to understand let alone master. At Step by Step, they know and acknowledge that each individual’s experience is unique. As a result, their rehabilitation clinics put a great deal of effort into tailoring their expertise and treatment to the treatment needs of each individual, giving them a more personalized experience. After all, each and every person’s journey back to health and safety is different and should be treated accordingly.

Step by Step Recovery UK is a rehabilitation clinic that provides clients with social care and a safe, collaborative and comfortable environment, ideal for those who are finally ready to recover and get their lives back on a better path. Their holistic, human-centred rehabilitation approach is a traditional way of treating addiction to help clients heal from their experience and learn to live as their own best version.

Their dedicated team of skilled therapists work hard to adapt each person’s treatment plan and make one that’s most relevant to them. Like the inpatient treatment, the aftercare program is individually tailored to continuously support and maintain recovery. Using their knowledge to give addicts the guidance they need, they work with each client to give them the best chance of an addiction-free life after completing the program. This is a sensitive moment for every patient and each therapist knows that. That’s why with Step by Step recovery, they let you phone and speak to friends and avoid alienating you or separating you from real life. Instead, they teach you to cope with reality.

In addition to medical detox, they offer a detailed treatment program to find the cause of the problem beyond the symptoms of addiction. They also provide excellent quality of care and have a variety of mind, body and spirit readjustments to provide the tools clients need to lead a happier and healthier life. Nothing is done without the patient’s consent – they only provide a variety of holistic healing therapies and activities. Speak with them today to find out which service best benefits you.

Services Offered By Step By Step Recovery

The path away from drug and alcohol misuse always starts with a single step. It’s difficult to overcome, but definitely not impossible, even when it seems like it is. Since clients lead different lives from one another and each needs something different, Step by Step offers an extensive addiction treatment programme that is sure to set you on the road to better health. Here’s a list of services you can expect from them:

Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Alcohol Rehab Treatment
  • Alcohol Rehab Clinic
Drug Rehabilitation
  • London Rehab
  • Essex Rehab
  • Addiction Aftercare
  • Personalised
Additional Offers
  • Fully Residential Rehab
  • Around the Clock Care
  • Medical Drug and Alcohol Detox Unit
  • Extended Family Support
  • Addiction After Care Support Service
  • Nutritional Food Cooked by Chefs

Step By Step Recovery Contact Details

If you need advice on the services and reviews, reach out to the customer care representatives using these following methods:


On Site Form:


  • Admissions – 0800 170 1222
  • Main Office – 01702 296 006

Email: [email protected]


  • Step by Step Recovery Rehab London – 39 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QH
  • The Lighthouse Rehab Clinic – 1A Southchurch Avenue, Southend-On-Sea, SS3 9BA
  • Step By Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab – 5-7 Cranwood St, Hoxton, London, EC1V 9EE




Step By Step Recovery Reviews

Just started looks good I’m 74 days clean from crack, heroin, booze and ciggies. – Miles Jackson

Exactly what Southend-on-Sea needs!!! Maybe a little late but hey better late than never aye!!! – Paul Lovett

It’s an amazing place, warm, caring, compassionate and unique! – Mark Whiteley

The Lighthouse saved my life when I’d already given up hope. I’d been in and out of treatment my whole life, but never felt like I was ever getting to the bottom of what was causing my behaviour and why I couldn’t stop. I would sometimes spend so long in rehab that I’d go through the same program two or three times. I remember feeling so relieved in those first few days at the Lighthouse, because I finally felt like I was getting somewhere. Their staff are simply incredible. They created a recovery plan specifically for me, taking into account what I needed. They worked so hard to help me heal after so many years of misery, and it’s because of them that I finally began to make progress in my recovery. Since leaving, I feel like I’ve been given another chance at living a clean and happy life. – JD

The lighthouse is a amazing place,with amazing people helping you change your life around.its more your work but these guys just guide you in the right direction to a better life.some of the nicest people I’ve met. – Venables James

My friend checked into Step by Step January 2020 and I truly believe this is the only reason he is with us today. All the team are simply amazing from the first call to the day he left they were available to us all for advice or simply to chat. The professionalism is beyond anything I’ve seen and they made a very emotional time one of positivity and hope. Words cannot express how highly I recommend Step by Step. My friend has just celebrated his first year sober and he is now living a very happy and healthy life. All I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart – KT

A special place, with love and support from trained and experienced staff. A great place to go for your road to recovery. – Kerry Brown


People overcome drug and alcohol addiction differently and in their own way. After all, we all lead different lives. But, regardless of the status or progress of a patient, Step by Step is there for anyone who needs help and support. As a private housing clinic with a team of professionals who provide safe, support and care to recover from all addictions, they provide addicts with a safe and confidential support environment and step-by-step recovery. This is one of the many reasons why we see as they’re a team we’d highly recommend you work in this reviews.

Step by Step is a small, innovative company that created two separate but interconnected services at Southend-on-Sea. Step-by-step recovery and step-by-step housing provide home detoxification, home care, and life support for people who want to face problems caused by addiction and other unhealthy and problematic lifestyle decisions and experiences. No matter how hard the road, most of their patients can safely say how grateful they were for the love, care, and support they were given during these times of healing. That’s because the team gives a truly holistic and interdisciplinary approach to meet our customers’ needs.

They offer tailor-made treatments tailored to the specific needs of the individual, including substance abuse, other behavioural disorders, and the homeless. They don’t believe in following single philosophy or method and therefore avoid thinking that a single treatment approach works for everyone. Instead, their dedicated team of therapists works hard to adapt each person’s treatment plan to the one that is most relevant to them.

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