STM World

STM World is a synthetic turf manufacturing and installation company based in the UK. This STM World review will go into what they offer, the services they provide, and what their customers have said about them in the past.

STM World Overview

STM World services have been available to the general public for over 15 years, coming from the early days of synthetic and artificial surfacing technology when it was first being developed. Ever since it was founded, the company has continued to expand its list of surfacing services.

Based in North Yorkshire, STM World has a wide range of different surfacing types for multiple projects, but it also aims for a high standard of health and safety as well as product quality. On their site, the company states that they aim to employ the best possible workmen for each task.

STM World has worked with a range of major industry bodies in various ways, which has earned them multiple accreditations. This includes a registration and membership with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, as well as being fully checked by the Disclose and Barring Service.

Services Offered By STM World

As a surfacing company, STM World is able to use a handful of materials in a wide range of projects, even ones with bespoke designs. STM World offers the following services:

Sports Pitches

The main focus of STM World’s product line and services is the construction of sports pitches. In general, these usually cover things like football, rugby and hockey – anything that needs a set, flat space for teams to play on. All of these pitches use the same high-quality material options.

Football pitches are a major focus and are probably one of the most common pitches that surfacing companies are asked to make. These artificial turfs can come in various forms, with the more traditional sand-filled turfs being available alongside modern 3G turf designs.

Rugby pitches are similar, coming in multiple different forms depending on the client’s needs. Like football designs, they are shock-absorbant and designed to work well as a sports field, but without the downsides of regular dirt and grass. STM World offers numerous options for rugby pitch designs.

Hockey pitches are slightly less common but still have the same varied options and choices for clients to look through. These designs can have their own twin bar fencing that is meant to withstand a hit from the hockey ball, as well as all of the proper markings to make the game fully playable.

Pitches can also include MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas) that are suitable for a range of different sports. These have enough markings for multiple games in one space, which makes them a popular choice for compact sports areas or public parks.

Tennis Courts

The construction and management of tennis courts are another of the core STM World services. The turf used for these tennis courts is similar to the other pitch types but with specific changes in design, turf type, and general installation methods.

Since tennis has seen a slow resurgence in the UK, these designs are meant to be the ideal places for tennis players to practice or have both friendly and competitive games. To make this easier, each design is properly discussed with the client to make sure that it fits their needs.

On top of this, each court can come with additional features like lighting, colours, extra markings, fencing, and even additional space for keeping other important gear or tools on the court. This makes each one a bespoke project and allows for a lot more flexibility.

Since these courts can be adapted for the client’s needs, they can serve as both residential and commercial tennis courts. These could be in somebody’s back garden, in a public park or part of a business, and can be adapted to suit whatever they are supposed to be used for.

Athletics Tracks

The athletics tracks offered by STM World are artificially turfed and are surface areas that help provide routes for runners. These can be as long or as short as needed and are always a bespoke design that is meant to make use of the available space and create a colourful exercise track.

These tracks can also have additional STM World services to improve or adjust them, which can include things like long jump pits, multiple routes, or various different loops for different difficulty levels. All of them are bespoke, so they are designed to fit the client’s requirements.

Golf Courses

Golf courses, like all other STM World services, are built to the client’s requirements and use the best possible artificial turf. All of these courses use high-quality artificial grass and are built to resemble natural fairways, greens, and other parts of the course that would normally be maintained regularly.

These synthetic materials are meant to keep the course looking well-kept and usable with only minimum maintenance, removing the need to constantly trim the grass that makes up the fairways. Each course can be re-designed and tailored to the particular club or business that it belongs to.


Alongside regular STM World services and products are fencing, simple addition to any space. These fences are ideal for separating artificial and natural turf, as well as keeping courts contained to minimise the chance of impacts, spectator injuries, or lost balls and equipment.

These fences can be created at varying heights and colours to match the customer’s chosen style, which can be useful for commercial areas that have a specific brand identity. Each fence type is good for something specific, from welded mesh fences to something entirely bespoke.


STM World also offers a maintenance service to help look after the turfs and surfaces they create. This ranges from preventative maintenance to corrective work done on damaged or worn-out surfaces and can be ideal for almost anybody who is not able to repair it themselves.

Arranged per client, this maintenance can be done based on what each customer needs. Resurfacing is a similar service, replacing the surfaces on certain areas, pitches or tracks with better or renewed materials to keep them looking brand-new and safe.

STM World Contact Details

STM World Reviews

There are a few STM World reviews out there, almost all positive. Some of them come from commercial customers, and others are from organisations like schools, but they generally all seem very pleased with the results.

John Kitson, a treasurer for the Hutton Rudby Tennis Club, says:

“We are very satisfied with the 5 synthetic courts that STM laid… The club are very pleased with the resulting surface which plays very well. We would recommend STM to anyone who is looking to have synthetic tennis courts laid”.

Ian Andrews, Club Chairman of the Boroughbridge Tennis Club, said:

“TM’s professionalism not only in the installation of the courts but the ongoing service and maintenance has been exemplary, their timely reminders and thoroughness of the maintenance do them credit.”

Jan Gamsby, the headteacher of Wyndcliffe Primary School in Birmingham, has stated:

“The STM management team helped to plan and designed the area. STM listened to what we wanted and then delivered a vibrant area, which supports our EYFS curriculum. We have had a road, signs, games and shapes inserted into the overall design. Nothing is too much trouble and the finished area is fantastic.”

Mrs Buckley, the headteacher of Handale Primary School, states:

“We now have a really attractive multi-purpose area, which the children love. It is used every day in a range of ways keeping all personalities happy. Sporty children are constantly active and those who wish to, can sit quietly talking to friends. Children, staff and parents are all delighted with the new surface.”


STM World is a company that has received a lot of praise for its work, and it is quite easy to see why. Like many surfacing companies, they offer bespoke work, but STM World mixes simplicity with a wide range of options to make choosing the correct installation methods and surfaces easy.

They have offered STM World services to a variety of schools, and all of the results have been positive. According to testimonials on the company’s site, some have even said that children were immediately taken by the new sports or playing areas.

If you want to know more about something that STM World offers, use the STM World contact details up above to get in touch with them. There is nobody who can answer questions about their services better than the company themselves, especially for special bespoke work.

STM World seems like a good choice of company for this work, and they have a lot of different options to help you tailor the job to your particular needs. If you are a potential future client of theirs, do not hesitate to look at their services again and see what kind of work you might need most.

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