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The world of surfacing can be a frustrating and confusing one, as there are so many different materials out there and so many different companies offering these materials to potential clients. Different companies specialise in different materials, and finding one to fit the needs of your particular project can be a difficult and time-consuming process, even if you are experienced in building contracting.

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Swift Surfacing is one of the many companies out there and may well be one you have already encountered. But is it worth your time and money? You may be surprised by what you find in our Swift Surfacing review below and by just how many different things this surfacing company can offer you.

Swift Surfacing Overview

Swift Surfacing is a surfacing company based in Surrey and Kent but operating across the South East of England. Founded in 1991, they bring 30 years of experience and expertise to the world of hard surfacing, promising excellent and experienced service in every area of the job.

The company offers a wide range of different works in the fields of surfacing and resurfacing, allowing clients to choose the perfect materials for their project. These works can all be carried out using either a traditional style hand laying process or a more advanced mechanical process, using the latest developments in surfacing technology.

All staff at Swift Surfacing are highly skilled and devoted to the world of surfacing, and most of them are highly trained in a wide range of different areas of surfacing, allowing impressive on the job flexibility and the ability to come up with innovative solutions for projects ranging from small personal surfacing tasks to large scale commercial or public contracts. The team are all handpicked from the wider civil engineering industry and carefully selected so that every member brings their own unique skills and experience to a diverse team of operatives.

All operatives and contractors with Swift Surfacing undergo regular additional training and skills development courses, ensuring that their skills are kept sharp and up to date, even as the world of surfacing contracting changes around them. This means that the workforce at Swift Surfacing is sharper, better, and more versatile than any of the competition.

Swift Surfacing is endorsed by a large number of commercial and domestic clients, and the company is independently verified by a wide range of third party organisations. This list includes major accreditation boards like Constructionline and Acclaim Accreditation, as well as local trading standards boards like the Kent County Trading Standards board.

Services Offered By Swift Surfacing

Swift Surfacing offers a wide range of different services, all of which can be easily adjusted and customised to perfectly fit the needs of the client, whatever those may be for each site or project.

Tarmac Surfacing

Roads and car parks experience a lot of wear and tear in daily use, and Swift Surfacing are experts at a wide range of different tarmac surfacing services for roads, car parks, private driveways, and any other tarmac surface for private or public clients. The company has all of the necessary expertise to work on anything from full surfacing or new construction to pothole repair, footpaths, drainage, kerb repairs, or even simple line marking on tarmac surfaces.

Playground Surfacing

Since its initial founding in 1991, Swift Surfacing has worked in partnership with an enormous number of schools.

School playgrounds make up an impressive 40% of the company’s workload, and the team can work on any kind of playground surfacing project, from emergency patching repair work to full construction of an all-new playground surface.

Safety is the #1 priority when working with playground surfacing, and Swift Surfacing can plan, design, and install a wide range of safe, durable playground surfaces for clients.

Coloured Surfacing

Coloured asphalt surfaces are vibrant and exciting and provide a valuable service for road safety, clearly marking pedestrian paths, cycle lanes, and bus lanes in a high visibility manner ideal for a low light environment.

Swift Surfacing offers a wide range of colours, made by combining a clear polymer modified binder with a pigment and aggregate to create a coloured surface that does not fade or chip.

This is an expensive and premium product, but the results are impressive every time.

Surface Dressing

When roads or other hard surfaces are worn or badly weathered, a surface dressing can prevent them from degrading further.

This is a preventative measure designed to quickly repair damage and prevent it from needing a much more expensive and disruptive resurfacing project.

Thermoplastic Surface Markings

For road markings, playground markings, or any other coloured marking requiring more precision and detail than a full coloured asphalt surface can provide, Swift Surfacing offers custom coloured thermoplastic designs.

These are melted to bond onto the asphalt surface, giving a solid, durable surface with vibrant colours that do not fade or corrode, unlike simple painted patterns.

At Swift Surfacing, their team excels in every single one of these services and many more, but their real area of speciality is in flexibility and in adjusting their practices and methods to the site and task at hand. Different sites and different projects often have radically different requirements, and Swift Surfacing excels at adjusting to the task at hand on the fly.

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Swift Surfacing Reviews

Reviews of Swift Surfacing are almost universally positive, with the company holding a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Google Reviews. Satisfied customers say this about the services offered by Swift Surfacing:


“Very neat and tidy pathway installed to the side of our house. Lots of choice of decorative overcoats. Highly recommend.”


“Very smooth finish and ramps built up to doors that were of a very high standard.”


“Very smooth easy process, company thinks of everything.”


“I would first like to start by saying what a wonderful team! The employees are among the politest and most helpful bunch of young people I have ever come across. Nothing was too much for this company and they were all very knowledgeable. The works that have been completed look incredible, better than I ever expected and I cannot rate this company highly enough. I am so pleased that I decided to go with this company thank you all so much!”


“the company was very helpful and accommodating due to the hours we were available to have the works done. More than happy and would recommend.”


“Superb Job and polite and competent staff, lovely family run company. I would recommend their services.”



Swift Surfacing is one of the most flexible and adaptable companies in the tarmac surfacing sector, able to deftly switch between the needs of private and public projects at a moment’s notice.

As our Swift Surfacing review has explored, this company can help with almost any surfacing project, from minor repair works to large tarmac surfaces or just thermoplastic detailing on a playground surface.

Whatever you are looking for, the staff at Swift Surfacing have the skills and expertise to be able to help with your project and can adapt to unexpected issues or the quirks of individual sites with ease.

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