Tau Affiliate Program

For many people, the Tau affiliate program presents a lot of scope to make a lot of passive money.  Casino affiliate schemes are great to watch grow if you already run your own gaming site or blog.  So, do always take the time to check out the various details of these schemes.  You could end up making a lot of money in the bargain.

You can join Tau by clicking here to see what they offer for new partners.

Tau Gaming is an umbrella brand for various casinos and gaming sites operating online. As such, some of their brands are well-known by seasoned players, and continue to host core loyal followings.  This scheme is set up to help introduce more people to the casinos and titles on display.

So it is well worth checking out if you’re keen to get people to look into a fantastic new gaming experience.  Tau works with several well-known games developers in the industry. So you should be able to introduce hundreds or even thousands of people to the brand with confidence.

How Does the Partner Scheme Work?

The partner scheme works in a similar way to other affiliate programs online.  In this sense, you will be able to make money from any deposits that your visitors make once they click through.

Tau measures the clicks through to their site from your visitors. They will ensure that for as long as your referred players continue to deposit, you’ll get a good chunk of the cash back in revenue share commission.  It’s a great way to make money over time without having to do much.

But, it can take time to get up and running.  So, do be sure to spend some time in crafting your content, and reading the scheme’s terms and conditions.

You may need to display promotions and terms on your site in a certain way, so do be sure to take your time.  Based on how much money you help make the sites you promote, you’ll get a scaled cut of the profits.

Supported Sites

The Tau Affiliate program oversees a huge number of casinos and gaming sites.  Many of them are very well-known, which means you may stand a chance of attracting some serious money. You can, at least, be confident in the fact that you’ll be able to introduce players to some worthwhile gaming experiences.

Here are some of the sites and casinos currently available for you to promote via the site right now:

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There are plenty more brands offered by this affiliate program as well. Feel free to sign up to explore all their different options.

Commission and Payments

Let’s start taking a look at the commission available.  You could earn up to 45% on revenue generated by depositors you recommend to any of the above sites.  This is only going to be possible if your clickers generate more than £45,000.  The lowest rate, 25%, is available on anything up to £5,000.  This is still very competitive!

Payments are fairly straightforward, too.  You’ll need to use either PayPal or bank wire transfer here, though this should please most people.  Do be aware that you’ll need at least £100 in your pot to cash out via bank, but it’s less at £20 for PayPal.  Be aware, too, that negative carryover can come into play.

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Software Providers

It’s not surprising that the Tau Affiliate program works with these huge software developers. There are so many different bingo websites and casino brands operating under the program.

There are too many to list in this short guide – especially with that big list of sites above! Based on one of their popular slots sites – Secret Slots – you can at least expect games and casino titles offered by the likes of:

  • IGT
  • NetEnt
  • Amaya
  • Dragonfish
  • WMS
  • 888 Gaming.

This, again, may be subject to change.  Take a look around!

You could earn serious cash through the Tau Affiliate program.  Why not take a look and see how you get on?

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