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Do you need accountants who will put your accounting needs first? Search no more-TaxBite Bolton Accountants are the ones you need.

Taxbite Bolton is a dependable and competent business that puts each customer first.

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Find out more about the accountants in this firm with all the information included in this TaxBite Bolton Accountants Review.

TaxBite Bolton Accountants Overview

TaxBite Bolton Accountants are based in Bolton and provide customers with the tools, resources, and advice they require for all of their accounting needs. Many clients across the UK receive the individual attention and care they require to complete everything on schedule. They ensure that all figures are correct the first time, so no time is spent on inefficient operations.

TaxBite Bolton Accountants provide a comprehensive range of expert services to satisfy your demands. They guarantee that every service will be delivered with a smile and to your complete satisfaction. Every client is different, and that is why they tailor each of their strategies to your specific requirements. The accountants sit down with you, listen to your needs, and create a tailored plan, whether it’s a little approach or a thorough effort.

They are here as your accountant to make sure that all of your financial decisions are made thoughtfully and in your best interests. Whatever you require, they have the resources and knowledge to handle your finances.

Services Offered By TaxBite Accountants

TaxBite Bolton Accountancy services have a wide range of accounting services for you. Read through this section to find the one that matches your needs.

Business Accounting Services

Taxbite Bolton Accountants recognise that every business is unique, and even after working with hundreds of customers, they recognize that yours should take a distinct path.

  • Company Formation. The process of forming a limited company per government and HMRC regulations. This implies that your new business will have its own legal identity and be accountable for its finances.
  • Company Secretarial. The company secretary is one of the firm’s officers. This implies they might be held accountable for things like failing to file a document on time or failing to file the company’s yearly return.
  • Payroll. As a business, you must use their payroll since it is a legally necessary list of your workers who are entitled to earn wages, payments, and other work benefits and the amounts that each should get.
  • Annual Accounts. Every year, if your company is registered in the United Kingdom, you must prepare annual accounts for Companies House and HMRC. This assists HMRC in calculating your corporate tax and provides you with a year-end financial summary.
  • R&D Tax. R&D tax credits are a government incentive for any firm (in any industry) that invests in research and development initiatives. They are a good financial source for accelerating R&D initiatives.
  • Bookkeeping. They will take care of your books for you using cloud accounting systems you are already familiar with and trust, such as QuickBooks.

Personal Accounting Services

TaxBite Bolton Accountants are happy to take on complicated requests or give services with a short turnaround time.

  • Self-Assessment. Suppose you are self-employed or in a partnership. In that case, you will need to file a regular tax return with complete details about any earnings or losses your company generated during the accounting period.
  • Personal Tax Planning. The practice of logically analysing a financial condition for a future financial period from a tax standpoint. Tax planning enables a taxpayer to make the most of various tax exemptions, deductions, and perks to reduce his annual tax bill.

Cloud Accounting Services

With TaxBite Bolton Accountants’ all-in-one online accounting program, you may save up to 8 hours each month on account management. Whether you are a small company owner or self-employed, their accounting software allows you to manage your money from anywhere with only a laptop or smartphone. You can snap receipts, create invoices, monitor mileage, and more.

Cloud accounting is a game-changer for SMEs since it saves time, lowers financial statement mistakes, and decreases environmental impact by eliminating the need for more paper.


TaxBite Bolton focuses on the client’s goals through personalising solutions, thinking creatively, and being extremely efficient. They recognise that time is money and that communication and flexibility are critical in today’s industry.

  • Business and Tax Advisory. The highly skilled TaxBite Bolton staff can provide you with essential insights into how to increase your company’s performance and financial efficiency by providing concrete measures that are specifically customised to your needs.
  • Start-Up Business Advisory. One of their certified start-up consultants will project manage the launch of your new company, ensuring that everything is in place and that everyone on your team is aware of their responsibilities.

TaxBite Bolton Accountants Contact Details

Get in touch with TaxBite Bolton Accountants through any of the following contact information to ask more ab out their listings and to receive their help.

Address: Floor 6, 120B Bark St, BL1 2ax

Telephone Number:01204 974073


Email: [email protected]

TaxBite Bolton Accountants Reviews

Read about the TaxBite Bolton experience from these previous customer reviews.

They are here as your accountant to make sure that all of your financial decisions are made thoughtfully and in your best interests. Whatever you require, they have the resources and knowledge to handle your finances. – Audrey Murphy

They are here as your accountant to make sure that all of your financial decisions are made thoughtfully and in your best interests. Whatever you require, they have the resources and knowledge to handle your finances. – Z Hoque

I received a first class service and warm reception. It was really value for money in deed !!! Very professional, very current and very reliable and efficient. I am always on the “MOVE” in recommending TaxBite Bolton accountancy service to others. – Anne Wonder Fasan, Excell Resource Limited

Efficient service which is tailored to individual needs. Cecilia took the time to understand my situation and recommended the appropriate accountants quickly . Highly recommended. – Tha Movement Noize Production


TaxBite Bolton Accountants genuinely like what they do and it shows. There is no such thing as a little or large problem for them and you can expect them to put their all into every job they do. They know their industry like the back of their hands, having worked in it for over 15 years.

TaxBite Bolton aspires to form long-term, meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who share their enthusiasm for business and excellence in all parts of their operations. You can count on them to do a flawless work for you, whether it’s a one-time project, a month-to-month commitment, or a yearly procedure. All people or enterprises to whom them give their services should expect them to create trust and long-term partnerships. To conclude this TaxBite Bolton Accountants Review, we can safely say that we find their services stable and consistent for all clients.

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