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Technical Surfaces is a leading sports facility maintenance company in England. This company has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has become the preferred maintenance provider for sports pitches across the country.  

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This company works with the individual needs of every client and ensures that their pitches are taken care of from day one. Their care, skills, and expertise in the field of pitch maintenance have made them the leading provider of this service in the country and have allowed them to work with clients across the nation, both professional sports clubs and local leisure spaces alike.

To learn more about this company and the services they provide, keep reading this Technical Surfaces review. 

Technical Surfaces Overview

Technical Surfaces has over 25 years of experience in the industry of sports pitch maintenance, making them experts in the field. This is what has made them the number one sports facility maintenance group in the country, and they continue to work with a range of clients to ensure their sports pitches are taken care of from day one.

Synthetic pitches are considered to be maintenance-free, which is why many facilities and households opt for synthetic turfs. However, this is not the case, and while synthetic pitches are lower maintenance than real grass, they still require care and attention from time to time. This is one of the main services provided by Technical Surfaces, and it is the reason why they work with various clients across the country.

Technical Surfaces have studied artificial surfaces, like those used in sports facilities, for over 20 years which has given them a good understanding of the kind of maintenance they require. With this knowledge, Technical Surfaces can prevent ageing, damage, and general discolouration to artificial turfs through their maintenance services. 

They work closely with their clients to ensure that all of their needs are met and will begin a maintenance regime from day one of an artificial turf being installed, as this is the way to preserve longevity. Technical Surfaces provide a complete maintenance surface weekly to their clients, which includes a range of skills to ensure the longevity of artificial turfs. 

Their clients, known as ‘Partners In Excellence ’, have seen that Technical Surfaces is the nation’s leading provider of sports facility maintenance. They provide not only regular maintenance of these facilities but also pitch assessments to ensure the quality and safety of sports sites.

Services Offered By Technical Surfaces

Technical Surfaces has over 25 years of experience in sports facility maintenance, and they specialise in the care of artificial turfs. Artificial turfs used to be sold as maintenance-free options, but this is not true as they do require some care and regular maintenance to ensure longevity.

This is the kind of service that Technical Surfaces provide, and they offer a complete service including risk assessments to ensure the health and safety of all sports facilities.

Technical Surfaces offer:


Technical Surfaces ensures that research is at the forefront of everything they do, and this includes training, development, and an ongoing understanding of the longevity of artificial turfs. 

Online Technical Information System (OTIS)

This company provides access to their Online Technical Information System (OTIS) with the regular physical maintenance of sports facilities. Clients are given access to this technical system which allows them to schedule, view, record, and track multiple aspects of both the maintenance and usage of their sports facilities.

This service is not only a way to record and organise data like this, but it also makes it easy for clients to analyse this information so they can ensure the best usage of their facilities.


This is the specialist solution that is used by Technical Surfaces to sanitise synthetic sports pitches, and it is used regularly in their maintenance service.

Preventative Maintenance

Technical Surfaces works on preventative maintenance as early as possible with their clients to ensure both the safety and longevity of their artificial sports facilities. This company will help to develop a preventative program that is tailored specifically to the clients’ needs and will provide the necessary skills to ensure that all sports facilities are well maintained.

Corrective Maintenance

Technical Surfaces can work with sports facilities from day one, and this is the best way to ensure the longevity, health, and safety of artificial turfs. However, as artificial turfs were sold as maintenance-free, many of the clients that come to this company are already experiencing issues with their facilities, and luckily this is something Technical Surfaces can work with.

As well as offering regular preventative maintenance of sports facilities, Technical Surfaces have the skills and experience required to fix any issues present in artificial turfs.

3G Pitches

3G, which stands for the third generation, carpet systems are being used at an increasing rate across the country for sports facilities. This kind of artificial turf is used by the Football Association, Rugby Football Union, and even FIFA due to the great characteristics of this kind of turf.

With great ball bounce and roll, as well as stud glide and shock absorption properties, this is now becoming a popular turf for a range of sports. Technical Surfaces provide a range of regular maintenance services for this kind of pitch, including regular decompactions and monitoring of infill levels to ensure the highest quality.

Site Inspections

As well as regular physical maintenance of sports facilities, Technical Surfaces offers regular inspections of these sites to ensure that they are performing at their best and meet health and safety standards. Many members of the team are professionals in risk assessments, ensuring all inspections are a complete service that looks for all kinds of issues that can then be dealt with by the maintenance team.

Frozen Pitches

Synthetic pitches are not ‘all-weather’ ready, and much like real grass, they require additional care during the harshest weather conditions. Sometimes, artificial turfs can remain frozen even after the natural grass around them has long thawed out due to the moisture trapped within them. Technical Surfaces can work with clients in all weather conditions to ensure that their sports facilities continue to be usable and safe for all.

Technical Surfaces provides a range of services under the field of maintenance which is why they can work with a range of clients across the country. They specialise in the protection of artificial turfs, which require more maintenance than many people realise. With these services, Technical Surfaces can improve the lifespan of artificial turfs and keep them usable for longer.

Technical Surfaces Contact Details

If you are interested in the services provided by Technical Surfaces and are interested in learning more about the company, you can contact them through the following details:

Address: Standards House, Meridian East, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1WZ

Telephone: +44 (0)8702 400 700

Fax: +44 (0)8702 400 701

Email: [email protected] 


Company Number: 03614587


Technical Surfaces Reviews

No reviews are available.

When researching a company, a good thing to look into is reviewes left by previous clients. There are usually spaces on social media or through third-party websites for customers to comment on the services provided by a company like Technical Surfaces, but unfortunately, this is not always available. There are currently no reviews available for this company, and their social media page does not allow for reviews from previous clients.


Technical Surfaces is the nation’s leading provider of sports facility maintenance, and they specialise in the care of artificial turfs. Artificial turfs are used for all kinds of sports, and this kind of pitch is even being used by professional clubs such as FIFA, the Football Association, and the Rugby Football Union. While many were led to believe that artificial grass and turfs are maintenance-free, Technical Surfaces have performed over 20 years of research and development into the industry and have found that this is not the case.

This is why they provide a range of legit maintenance services to artificial sports facilities, as this can ensure longevity and keeps them safe to use. Technical Surfaces has over 25 years of experience in the field of sports facility maintenance, and they offer a brilliant service to all of their clients, using their expertise to tailor a regular maintenance schedule to suit the individual needs of all sites.

This is a legit company that can provide complete maintenance of artificial turfs. They will work with clients from day one of the turfs being installed and continue to work on the upkeep of these sites to ensure they are safe and suitable for all to use. 

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