The Racegoers Club Review

Enable yourself to visualize what it would be like if your racehorse took 1st place in a major event.

Desire, enthusiasm, cheer, and pure joy are just a few of the feelings you can expect to experience as a racehorse owner, particularly if your horse wins big.

Does this seem like something you’d be interested in doing?

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Look no further than the incredible Racegoers Club, a horse¬†membership program that allows you to know what it’s like to own a racehorse.

The Racegoers Club Overview

The Racegoers Club was established in 1968 as the Official Supporters Club of British Horseracing.

As a result, they are a global champion for racegoers, helping their members and ensuring that racegoers have a voice at racetracks and in the broader industry.

Their goals are straightforward: to increase funding for British horseracing at all levels, as well as to promote attendance and participation in the sport they enjoy.

Via their syndicates and ownership groups with some of the best trainers, they also hope to promote thoroughbred racehorse ownership.

Since the club is a non-profit organization, you can be assured that everything they do is geared toward making the club a better place for its members and offering the best value in racing.

They have unmatched partnerships with racetracks, trainers, and breeders, giving them access to facilities and stables that not many clubs can match.

Services Offered By The Racegoers Club

The Racegoers Club offers its syndicate members the following fantastic services:

  • Monthly e-magazine with the most up-to-date Club and business news
  • Colin Brown hosts Zoom calls with top racing personalities.
  • Links to an online racing environment with social activities organized by a virtual club
  • Competitions that are enjoyable
  • Racehorse ownership at an affordable price
  • RTV and Rewards4Racing yard and stud tours, as well as exclusive racecourse packages and activities, are all available through their partners.

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The Racegoers Club Contact Details

  • Address – Racegoers Club
    Winkfield Road
    SL5 7HX

Trainers at The Racegoers Club

Here are the names of the trainers at TRC:

  • Ed Walker
  • Clive Cox
  • Jamie Snowden
  • Philip Hobbs
  • Ruth Jefferson

Horses in Training at TRC

The Racegoers Clubb syndicate have around 12 horses currently training, here are the names of a few:

  • Tenaya Canyon
  • Some Day Soon


Because of the performance of the horses, which have placed well in previous races, and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from current members, we believe this club will provide excellent value for money to its members.

Overall, this review demonstrates how well the club is doing in attracting as many members as possible.

Contact the club if you are new and want to learn more about horseracing syndicates.

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