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TigerTurf UK is a United Kingdom-based turf and artificial grass supplier, installer and industry member. This TigerTurf UK review will explain who they are, what they offer, and whether or not their customers walk away happy with the results of their work.

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TigerTurf UK Overview

Founded in 2000, TigerTurf UK began as a synthetic turf company and has continued down that route as its product list continued to expand. Aiming for the highest-quality work possible, TigerTurf UK is now a leading manufacturer of synthetic turf in the country.

Every one of TigerTurf’s products is made in Britain, without outsourcing the work to other countries. Their team has over 100 years of combined experience, and they have been accredited by various major organisations, from CHAS to becoming an FIH preferred hockey turf supplier.

These accreditations are all for different reasons but combined, they mark TigerTurf UK as an employee-safe, high-quality business. As an industry leader in the UK, they are also one of the top options for a range of different commercial projects and large-scale construction work.

Services Offered By TigerTurf UK

TigerTurf UK is a turf company first and foremost, and that means that they focus heavily on their artificial surfaces before any other part of their work. TigerTurf UK offers the following services:

Sports Surfaces

The main focus of TigerTurf UK’s surfaces is sports, and that means having individual pitch types for each major sport, as well as combined options if needed. These synthetic turfs are meant to be good for all-weather play and can be adapted to fit any necessary sports that the customer requires.

These turfs remove the downsides of natural turf: high maintenance costs, risks to the players if the ground gets wet, and the higher frequency of cancelled games due to bad weather or other factors.

TigerTurf UK offers turf types for a range of sports, from common games like football and rugby to more ‘specialist’ games like golf and cricket that do not appear in public spaces as often. All of these pitches and courts are designed for their particular sport, meaning custom lines and designs.

Football and Rugby Pitches

Football and rugby turf is designed using a range of artificial grass types that emulate certain grass thicknesses. These are all designed to be non-abrasive and are supposed to emulate the look and feel of real grass, meaning that players will not slip up if they are used to regular, natural pitches.

This allows these turfs to be used in playing fields at residential, commercial and professional levels without causing performance problems or making the game harder to play. This same benefit goes to all sports turfs offered by TigerTurf UK, which are all designed in similar ways.

Remember that most sports require markings – TigerTurf UK turfs are able to be installed with all of the proper markings or painted over later if needed. The turf itself will handle paint a lot better than natural grass since it can’t die and need immediate re-painting.

Hockey Turfs

Hockey turfs are thinner and designed for easier movement, preventing performance issues when using a hockey stick to try and keep a ball moving. These turfs are slimmer in general but can still be marked properly and carry all the same benefits as normal TigerTurf UK turf.

Cricket Areas

TigerTurf UK only offers one major type of cricket turf, but it has a range of customisation options to help clients choose the exact cricket pitch they want to create. Once installed, it can have all of the usual cricket additions just like regular grass and will not get in the way of regular play.

These turfs can also be laid indoors for indoor cricket games, something that you can’t really do with regular grass, especially in areas that do not have direct access to sunlight.

Tennis Courts

TigerTurf UK tennis courts come in multiple styles, colours and configurations. Clients can choose the thickness and type that they want in their court, all of which should make it fairly easy to play the game properly and without running into performance or safety problems.

Since each TigerTurf UK surface can be adjusted slightly, it is up to each customer to decide which turf they want to use. Both the thicker and thinner designs have their benefits, and neither is worse than the other, including during tennis games.

Golf Courses

The artificial turf that can be used on golf courses is very thin and low, creating simple greens or fairways that can last much longer than a naturally trimmed space. These work as chipping turfs and greens that do not need any real maintenance, staying usable in every season for years at a time.

Since TigerTurf UK surfaces are often great at draining themselves, you also do not need to worry about a waterlogged green that makes it impossible to play the game. Whether they are installed in a garden or as part of a larger commercial golf course, they work incredibly well.

Clients could also take one of the TigerTurf UK turf mats and use it indoors as a practice space or lay a small amount down in their garden to get used to golfing in different ways. There is a lot of potential in how you can use even a small amount of this artificial turf for golfing purposes.


MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas) often require a proper design that can support multiple sports during different sessions, and this means having a reliable layout that players can understand. TigerTurf UK surfaces come in multiple colours, which can help lay out particular areas of turf.

This means that a tennis court in the middle of the field can be a different colour to the limits of a football field surrounding it. The more options a client has available, the more variety they can ask for in their MUGA designs.

Ecocept Drainage

Ecocept is a TigerTurf product that uses recycled materials to create a high-performance base layer, aiding in drainage and helping to protect the environment through the re-use of unwanted scraps. It is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to regular drainage.

Drainage is an important part of any outdoor space, and TigerTurf UK artificial turf is designed to have good, reliable drainage options. Since the turf itself can drain well, having an under-layer that drains just as easily can help even more, which is what Ecocept is meant to achieve.

If you need specific drainage options, then you can talk to TigerTurf and try to arrange certain checks or plans. This might be helpful in areas where flooding is a very real possibility or places that sometimes get an unusually high amount of rainfall.

Landscape Work

TigerTurf UK services also include completely normal artificial grass that can be used in commercial and residential landscaped areas, either to replace regular grass or to add turf to an area that can’t grow it properly. They have the same benefits as the sports turfs – low maintenance, good drainage.

These surfaces are installed bespoke since each area of land can have different obstacles and challenges to get around. This also allows clients to avoid replacing areas where they want to plant real seeds or keep the ground exposed for some other project.

Architectural Work

TigerTurf UK also allows their artificial grass to be used in architectural projects, whether that is adding to existing landscapes or improving an area that has not been able to grow normal grass on a larger scale. Again, this is all bespoke – it depends on what the grass is being used for.

TigerTurf UK Contact Details

TigerTurf UK Address – 229 Droitwich Rd, Hartlebury, Kidderminster DY10 4EU

TigerTurf UK Phone Number – 01299253966

TigerTurf UK Email – [email protected]

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TigerTurf UK LinkedIn 

TigerTurf UK Reviews

There are not that many reviews available for TigerTurf UK, with most of them being found on the Google Reviews page for the company. However, all of these are positive, at five stars in total.

A representative of SKC Driveways says:

“Top quality products and great customer service.”

Dominic Murphy of Beau Properties LTD added:

“Very friendly and helpful with product information.”

Other than that, there are not many reviews available on the internet with actual text, meaning that it is hard to find good examples of what their customers have said. However, their site contains a gallery of all the work they have done, showing that they have worked with a lot of customers.


TigerTurf UK services are all focused around turf, and they manage to offer a huge amount of variety without over-complicating their products. If you need turf options, then this is an excellent place to look, especially for sports uses.

If you want to know more about any TigerTurf UK services, then you should use the TigerTurf UK contact details up above to get direct answers to any questions you might have. The company will be able to offer information that this TigerTurf UK review was not able to find from online sources.

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