Uniplay Review

Uniplay is a UK based thermoplastic playground marking company with a wide range of different options, as well as plenty of past experience.

The company’s markings have been used for both private and public spaces, as well as many one-of-a-kind designs and jobs.

This Uniplay review will break down what they offer, who they are, and how well their customers think they do their job.

If you are not familiar with playground markings and the many ways that they can be used, you might be a bit shocked to see the depths of their catalogue.

Uniplay Overview

Uniplay put a lot of value in the creation of development-friendly play spaces, which is a large part of why their markings are so varied and specialised. Aiming to work with their clients and produce bespoke playgrounds based on each one’s needs, they also adapt to suit the current project.

Uniplay has a fully qualified team with years of collective experience, as well as membership with Constructionline and multiple previous health and safety checks. Not only are their playground markings meant to help development, but they are also safe and very easy for children to enjoy risk-free.

Since each project is very different and no two playgrounds are exactly the same, Uniplay treat each case differently. This means that in-house creative teams can work on bespoke designs for each client’s needs, with even the date of construction being flexible to match the client’s situation.

The company is also a member of ROSPA – the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – and is registered with the Registers of Play Inspectors International. This means that they are able to examine playgrounds for safety issues, as well as ensure that their own do not have similar flaws.

Services Offered By Uniplay

Uniplay has a lot of varying products and services, mostly related to their thermoplastic playground markings. However, the variety of ways that these markings can be used means that there is not just one category of options available – even without considering bespoke work.

Uniplay offers the following services:

3D Markings

At Uniplay, they specialise in surface markings. However, one of the most innovative options is their 3D markings, which add extra depth to the design. Instead of just being a flat surface that is created with stencils and some paint, they are fully-formed 3D images that add another layer of depth.

While this might seem like a gimmick to some people, it creates designs that children will love and sets a playground apart from the usual designs. This can make them an excellent detail for adding something fresh to an area that might have empty space or old, worn-out markings.

Game Markings

Uniplay also offers a huge range of game-related markings, all of which can be used in varying ways. The most obvious is the standard board game markings – everything from snakes and ladders to Ludo. These allow children to play the games without a separate board, all while staying social.

Alongside these conventional games are multiple letter games, all made from the same thermoplastic designs as the rest of Uniplay’s markings. Alphabet grids and spirals, letter shapes and other designs are all useful as teaching tools, as well as for casual play during free time.

Hopscotch is a staple of most playgrounds, and Uniplay has a large range of different hopscotch marking designs available, from Roman numerals to the previously-mentioned 3D designs. Some of them are even themed around styles like spaceships, leaves or city skyscrapers for extra detailing.

Perhaps the most useful of all these markings are the sports courts. These are not just your normal court lines (although they are available) but also include less conventional designs like the Bleep Test, activity zone markers, long jump charts, ball passing circles and sprinting lines.

Thanks to this variety, a playground can contain anything from a slow-paced board game to a full-scale tennis court or anything in between. There is also plenty of options for adding more variety to a playground that might not have much free space left, like the activity spots or leapfrog markings.


Mazes are often forgotten in modern playgrounds, but they are one of the options that Uniplay offers. They can be a great way to stimulate younger children, and the sheer variety on offer means that there are varying levels of complexity to choose from.

Some are more conventional mazes, where there are pathways separated with walls, as well as the ‘tangled’ mazes that are more about figuring out which way a certain ‘thread’ goes and where it ends up.

Road Markings

While road markings might sound like the odd detail (one) out, Uniplay actually sells playground road markings, allowing certain areas of a playground to be turned into towns and cities that children can role play in. Once again, they can be used in many different ways and are very versatile.

The road markings and roadways can all be useful for educating younger children about basic safety near roads, but there is not any intended use. Like many playground elements, they are mostly to spark creativity and to give children a starting point for their own games or experiences.

Educational Markings

Alongside all of the play markings, Uniplay also offers various educational pieces. These include weather charts, time-teaching clocks, elements of the skeleton, phrases from other languages, mood charts, and a huge range of other options.

While some of these might appear quite niche, they still have their uses. For example, the history scales might be good for teaching children about key years in history, while the world map can help them understand how different countries are laid out.

Shapes and Prints

There is also a range of Uniplay prints that are not meant for any specific purpose and just exist to give children more stimulation or other ways to exercise their creativity. Dinosaur footprints and solid shapes can both be effective tools for getting children to come up with inventive role play ideas.

Some of these, like flower prints, are also a nice extra detail to add to certain areas. They can fill space or add colour to a blander space and often have the benefit of being used for play purposes in one way or another, anyway.

Occasionally, Uniplay will also add more themed categories, making it very easy to produce a playground that follows a single basic design. Whether this is applied to a full playground or just a small area, it can add some more consistency and make it easier for children to get into a character.

Uniplay Contact Details

Uniplay Reviews

Uniplay does not have as many reviews online as some other companies, but they also do not have as many bad reviews, something that is incredibly important when it comes to reviews. If there are not many bad reviews, then clearly, there are not as many reasons for customers to complain.

Since good reviews are fairly rare (and often harder to get than negative ones), the positive reviews that do exist are worth quite a lot, especially the ones with enough text to explain why the review is positive in the first place.

On Facebook, Clair Pickett recommended Uniplay with:

“We had Uniplay install playground markings last Friday. Up to the installation the whole team were so helpful from site visit and initial plans, to making tweaks to plans following feedback from pupils and staff.”

Another from Sharon Scott, directed at the staff, said:

“The stencils you done yesterday at the Abbeyview Park are amazing. Great job guys!”

The majority of the other reviews are either textless or are reviews on individual products, something that does not really represent the company as a whole. Almost all of them are positive, mostly in the five-star range, which is a great sign if you are considering working with them.

Remember that Uniplay reviews could be as old as the company, so any older negative ones might be related to older versions of certain products or concern issues that have long since been resolved.


Is Uniplay legit? Definitely, considering the range of products they offer. But are Uniplay a good company? If you are needing any of the things that they offer, then they are a great place to turn since they are experts in the fields that they have decided to spread into.

What makes Uniplay services so interesting is that they still limit themselves. Instead of trying to push into every aspect of playground design, they focus on doing their niches very well, which means a higher level of quality overall and far nicer bespoke playground spaces.

If you want to know more about some of their services, then use the Uniplay contact details up above to get in touch with them. This Uniplay review can only list so much, and there are a lot of details that might only turn up if you are already talking with them about your playground ideas.

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