Velocity Sports Review

Velocity Sports is a UK-based sports pitch and equipment installation and maintenance company. This Velocity Sports review will cover all of the services they offer, who they actually are, and what kind of reception their work has received among their previous customers.

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Velocity Sports Overview

Velocity sports has an expert team with over 100 years of collective experience, as well as a fairly long history of working with turfs and surfaces to build perfect sports areas for their clients. With recent advancements in surfacing technology, their services have only become more varied over time.

Based close to London, Velocity Sports have worked with a large portion of the UK to create some great pitches and surfaces for a huge range of clients. This has included everything from outdoor stadiums and indoor training centres to schools and public community sports areas.

Velocity Sports also have a strong network of suppliers and organisations that have kept them able to work at their preferred level of quality for so long. Their labour, resources and quality checks are all properly sourced and performed, making it as easy as possible for them to create great pitches.

Services Offered By Velocity Sports

Velocity Sports are almost entirely focused on sports surfacing in various ways, but they are capable of building full sports facilities if needed, right down to fencing and other ancillary equipment. All of it is built to the same high standard. Services offered by Velocity Sports include:


Velocity Sports are able to help with the design process of nearly any facility, whether it is a single pitch or an entire sports centre. This covers everything from the first inquiry to the final few seconds of construction and testing, all done to the best possible standard.

Getting a good design in place is vital for every other stage of construction and installation, and that means that Velocity Sports always allow the client to have proper input too. You are not choosing from premade designs but getting bespoke plans that are meant to fit your needs and requests.

This can be important for managing cost, keeping the right ideas on track, and making sure that each client knows what they are getting and when it will be done. Planning and design do not end until the project is complete, so the larger the task ahead, the more important this stage can be.

Velocity Sports might produce 3D renders of pitches, bespoke equipment designs (with branding, if you are including any), diagrams of how an area will slope or be flattened, and countless other documents. All of these form the basis of every other stage of the project.


If a client has a plan in place, then Velocity Sports can take over the construction of the project. This covers almost any kind of pitch with any particular surfaces: rugby and football pitches, netball and tennis courts, even athletics tracks or Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs).

Regardless of the surface being created or the materials involved, the construction process is handled with a combination of expert employees and the perfect equipment for the job. Velocity Sports also use approved contractors that they personally trust to get the job done well.

Since construction is heavily based on individual client needs and the existing plans, it is always a bespoke project, which means that the client stays in the loop and gets an understanding of what is being done. The in-house experts involved in this work are specially chosen for each project.

Since the process will be different each time, it is important for clients to understand that they can alter the plans whenever they need to – but should ideally do it early in the design stage. In multi-stage projects that might involve multiple sports areas, this can be even more important.

Ancillary Equipment

Velocity Sports also have a range of ancillary equipment on offer, covering everything from floodlights and fencing to drainage and irrigation. All of these are bespoke and based on what the client needs most, so there is not a set design or pattern that has to be followed.

Fencing and lights can be installed later on in the process or even after construction. The same goes for extra equipment, like football goals or other important gear. These can be installed, modified or even removed at almost any time, as long as the client makes time for that to actually happen.

The irrigation and drainage options are more important since that relies heavily on planning out the area. Drainage can help keep water away from surfaces that might flood easily or do not have anywhere to send rainwater, while irrigation keeps dry surfaces wet and prevents easy cracking.

Replacement and Renovation

In cases where a surface is either too old or too damaged to keep using, Velocity Sports can replace it quite easily, offering a variety of different replacement options. This can also apply to ancillary equipment, shockpads, sports gear, and anything else that has been installed in the area.

Velocity Sports will try to avoid removing too much of the pitch or surface while they replace other items, like drainage and irrigation systems or parts of the shockpad. This is not a full reconstruction of the area but just a replacement job for anything that needs to be refreshed or renovated.


Velocity Sports are able to offer a routine maintenance service, as well as one-off maintenance work to help keep specific areas and equipment safe and easy to use. If a surface is starting to get damaged, flooded or dried out, then it can be repaired without having to replace everything.

Maintenance also matters on other parts of the project, whether that is repairing fences or cleaning out drainage systems that have somehow gotten clogged and become less effective. This also covers seeding and fertiliser application on natural ground, brushing, deep cleaning, and other tasks.

The exact nature of each client’s maintenance needs will change what Velocity Sports end up doing, so this is another service that can really vary with each project. If a former client identifies an issue, they can also get back in contact with Velocity Sports to get maintenance done later on.

Velocity Sports Contact Details

Velocity Sports Reviews

There are a lot of Velocity Sports review posts and testimonials on the company website, but not many spread around the internet elsewhere. Either way, almost all of them are positive, with a lot of focus on the quality of the work that Velocity Sports do.

John Lines, the CEO of Horsham FC, said:

“The Velocity team completed a project to construct two 3G pitches and surrounding infrastructure in May 2019. The work carried out was thorough and professional and we would have no hesitation in recommending Velocity Sports to others”

Lee Kearns, Chairman of the St. Neots Town FC, stated:

“Velocity delivered on time and on budget as we had faith they would, the new pitch is superb and we are grateful to be able to offer such a fantastic facility to club members and the wider community.”

A representative of Northwood Secondary School says:

“I want to take this opportunity to say a huge well done to Velocity for all their works at Northwood. You guys are a pleasure to work with and had a very positive and proactive outlook on the project. I look forward to working with you guys again in the future.”

Martin McKenna, the Estates Manager of Abingdon Preparatory School, states:

“We knew that by utilising the same team as the tennis court project on the main school site that Velocity were a safe pair of hands. The project was delivered on time and within budget, we’re really proud of our fantastic new facility and the boys are thoroughly enjoying using it.”

John Smith, Project Manager at AFC Sudbury, said:

“It was a pleasure working with Velocity Sports Ltd and in particular the pre-contract negotiations were especially well handled given the complexity of the site issues we face.”


This Velocity Sports review can only cover so much information, so if you want to know more about what the company offers, you should use the Velocity Sports contact details above. This gives you an easy way to ask any burning questions that you can’t find answers to on their site or online.

The company is definitely well-liked and has a lot of experience with a wide range of different projects. Whether it is something big or small, they seem to have satisfied their customers and improved any existing locations that they were called in to renovate and replace.

Velocity Sports services are quite varied, and the client gets a lot of say in how they progress. If you are interested, take another look at their site and see what you can find – there are a lot of options hidden away that you might not notice at first.

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