Verde Sports ltd Review

Verde Sports are a UK-based artificial grass and sports surface manufacturer with plenty of products on offer. This Verde Sports review will detail what they offer, who they are, and whether they are a company that you should look into.

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Verde Sports Overview

Verde Sports were founded in 1988, creating very similar products to the ones that they offer now. Originally set up to start making surfaces for specialist sports (golf, cricket, bowls and other sports that do not need much movement), they began to expand their product line around the 2000s.

With a long list of products and services to offer, Verde Sports have become a fairly popular supplier to public, commercial and residential customers all across the country. Their network of stockists and installers has kept them able to spread their surfaces to almost anywhere in the UK.

Every single Verde Sports product is manufactured in the UK by British companies and has been properly checked to make sure that it hits their quality standards. Verde is well-known for its customer service and quality, as well as its versatile range of artificial grass products.

Services Offered By Verde Sports

Verde Sports are a surfacing company, first and foremost. Their range of actual surfacing products continues to grow with each passing year, and they have been able to offer a wide range of different surface types for many broad or niche uses.

Sports Surfaces

As the company name suggests, Verde Sports services initially started with sports surfacing. These surface materials are all meant to help improve the sports experience for players as well as the audience watching, but the company sells different types for each general sport.

All of the surfaces being sold by Verde Sports are designed to suit a particular sport, specially designed to accommodate the movements, impacts and interactions between the ground and the players (or the balls that they are kicking, throwing and bouncing across the grass).

Football and Rugby Pitches

For example, the artificial football pitches are meant to emulate grass properly, giving it the same kind of bounce that a normal football pitch would. This is meant to make the entire game flow a lot better, as well as providing a realistic feeling to the players that are playing.

This also has the benefit of allowing players to understand how the ball will interact with the ground. If the grass did not act like real grass, then the ball might not bounce in the right direction after being kicked, which can completely change the flow of the game or ruin carefully laid plans.

Rugby is a contact sport, so it gets slightly different results compared to football pitches. Since players are more likely to be hurt, the pitches for rugby need to have extra shock absorption, counteracting the fact that players can be tackled and potentially hurt themselves.

Cricket Ground and Bowling Greens

Verde Sports cricket surfaces are made with more focus on higher quality and easier rolling of the ball, allowing for the game to be played properly without as much bounce to the ball. This also helps avoid the problem of the ball being bowled onto slopes that push it to one side or the other.

Like all Verde Sports artificial grass, it can be installed indoors to create indoor pitches and grounds, which is ideal for people who do not want to play bowls or cricket in the rain. However, these outdoor surfaces can also drain very easily, so a small amount of water will not stop play.

Due to how cricket works, there are various designs that Verde Sports offer. Some of these can be as simple as a single straight line of synthetic turf that acts as the pitching area, with the rest being natural grass. They can also be set up as pitching practice facilities, just like with bowling greens.

Tennis and Badminton Courts

Tennis is a high-energy and movement-based game with a lot of quick directional changes, and that means that the surface has to support players properly while also allowing them to keep themselves moving. Verde Sports courts are meant to be exactly that, aiming for high durability and support.

Since tennis courts involve a lot of movement in a small area, these court materials are also meant to very durable, even without regular maintenance. This is intended to help them stay together and undamaged after frequent use, as well as cutting down on how long courts are closed for repairs.

The same goes for badminton courts, which rely on similar benefits to make sure that players can enjoy them properly. They are also non-slip, even when used indoors, to prevent players from falling over and hurting themselves.

Home and Leisure Use

Alongside the normal sports surfaces, Verde Sports also offer their surfaces as part of home design and leisure use. This can be for displays, school areas, game mats, pools, caravan sites, holiday homes, balconies or all kinds of commercial areas, depending on what the client wants it for.

There is a huge range of different options available, all of which look and feel different. Customers can tailor their choice of artificial grass and synthetic surfacing to their needs and the aesthetics of wherever they want to place it.

Each surface can come in a different colour, and you can have all kinds of creative designs or patterns in the surfaces. They are easy to install, safe to use around children and pets, and very versatile when it comes to creating unique and memorable spaces.

These uses are a lot more freeform, and clients can even choose to install it all themselves if they do not want to have it done by one of Verde Sports’ accredited installers. There are also plenty of extras to help set them up, from adhesives and underlays to cleaning solutions.

Every one of these options is versatile in a different way, and customers can easily set up their perfect indoor or outdoor space either by themselves or with help. Since Verde Sports also send products out to local distributors, customers can buy them in person if they are nearby.

Verde Sports Contact Details

  • Verde Sports Address – Verde Sports Limited, Gabbotts Farm Barn, Bury Lane, Withnell, Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 8SW
  • Verde Sports Phone Number – + 44 (0)1254 831666
  • Verde Sports Fax Number – + 44 (0)1254 831066
  • Verde Sports Email – [email protected]
  • Verde Sports Facebook –
  • Verde Sports Twitter –
  • Verde Sports LinkedIn –

Verde Sports Reviews

Verde Sports only has a couple of reviews available online, but it averages at just under 5 stars on most platforms that use that rating. Not all of the reviews come with any text, but the ones that do offer some good insight into how satisfied past customers were.

John Robinson says:

“Fantastic service, ordered Saturday delivered Tuesday morning in spite of current difficult times.”

Simon Kingsland states:

“Been working with Verde sport for a number of years now. They are an awesome supplier and very reliable. Awesome products and great deliver service.”

Paul Richard Blake, a customer from 2016, said:

“Sophie Livesey reviewed them at five stars with: Top quality products on offer and lovely friendly staff, fast delivery and great installation advice – thank you!”

Ben Brodz Broderick summed it all up with a simple two-word review:

“Awesome team.”

There are only a couple of negative reviews, and both are related to one-off incidents where customer service was slow. One of these reviews was also oddly accusing the company of being a scam purely because the reviewer had not heard of the brand’s name before.

This means that the majority of customers were satisfied with the work that Verde Sports did, and there were only a couple of legitimate instances where there were issues that had to be resolved. Even then, these negative reviews were from a few years ago and are not recent at all.


Verde Sports are a great company for getting a range of sports surfaces, providing a good mixture of options for all kinds of different uses. The amount of Verde Sports services on offer is also constantly growing as they get more and more ways to improve their existing products for their customers.

If you want to know more about what the company offers, then you can use the Verde Sports contact details up above to get in contact with them and see what they have to say. Whether you are asking a question about something or want to work with them, they will be able to respond quickly.

This Verde Sports review could only cover so much since there is a lot about the company that only the clients will ever get to see. However, if you need bespoke surfaces prepared (and possibly installed) or want the gear and tools to do it yourself, then this company is an excellent choice.

Feel free to look over the Verde Sports site and see what is on offer – you might be pleasantly surprised by some of the products and services that they can provide.

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