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White Horse Contractors are an artificial grass supplier that has worked with a range of different organisations and outdoor spaces. This White Horse Contractors review will tell you everything you need to know about who they are, what they do, and whether they are a good choice for your needs.

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White Horse Contractors Overview

White Horse Contractors was founded all the way back in 1957, gradually expanding and improving over the decades until it became part of The Slatter Group in 2019. Although originally an irrigation contractor company, it has morphed into an artificial grass and planting business instead.

This expertise has been used for more than just back gardens: artificial wildlife reserves, habitats, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and a whole host of other niches or spaces all across the United Kingdom.

As part of The Slatter Group, White Horse Contractors services have become even more effective when construction work is needed, which may be part of the reason that they have made a big shift into artificial grass construction, drainage installation, and other water engineering tasks.

Services Offered By White Horse Contractors

While the business has technically become known as an artificial grass supplier, they also retain their services from their irrigation origins and have numerous other smaller services on offer for specific locations or situations.

White Horse Contractors offers the following services:

Artificial Turf

The artificial sports turf that White Horse Contractors provide comes in a variety of different forms, from water-based and sand-filled turf types to third-generation rubber grass. All of these are designed to work as sports surfaces, providing all of the usual grip and protection you might need.

These various different turf types are all made in different ways and have their own specific upsides and downsides, but they are all part of the same niche. They have all been used by White Horse Contractors to create excellent outdoor spaces, from playing fields to some indoor facilities.

A lot of these turf options are suitable for all kinds of sports use, as well as non-sport use or casual exercise. While they can have certain needs or requirements for installation that might limit your options in tighter spaces, they all still serve as great surfacing materials.

Natural Turf

The natural turf services offered by White Horse Contractors give you an easy way to fill out a space with real grass, whether that is a sports turf or a carpet-like area on a natural lawn. Given the company’s origins, they also provide drainage expertise to ensure that it does not get muddy easily.

On top of this, White Horse Contractors services include things like laser-levelling, fine grading, installation of irrigation, seeding, renovation, maintenance, and bulk earthmoving to help create the ideal outdoor space for their clients.

This natural turf obviously needs more care to grow properly since it is not artificial and can require time to settle. However, once in place, White Horse Contractors are able to advise you on how to maintain it or can even help manage it themselves, depending on what the client needs.

Hybrid Turf

The hybrid turf options available through White Horse Contractors combine a mixture of natural and artificial materials to try and get the best of both worlds, leading to better overall results without preventing natural grass growth or general garden/outdoor space health.

Like before, they offer a range of services relating to hybrid turf, including the installation and maintenance of the finished pitch or field. They also offer easy ways to have the hybrid turf used as a renovation for an existing space, meaning that they can re-seed dead grass or barren dirt.

This hybrid turf can be used for quite a long list of different purposes, so it might be a better choice for people who are not comfortable with completely artificial turf but also do not think they can support a real garden. The installation process is similar to other turf types the company offers.

Drainage and Pipelines

Drainage and irrigation was the first thing that White Horse Contractors did, so it remains a core part of how they operate and the kind of work that they do. These drainage options are available for either existing areas or turf areas that they are installing themselves, depending on your needs.

The process of this service is not just about getting the drainage working but about the inspection and proper supervision of the land. This means full topographical surveys, formal quotations before the project begins, and major safety checks at every stage of the process.

Since White Horse Contractors are accredited by several different advisory bodies that deal with this kind of irrigation and drainage work, they are able to handle things like supply chain management and risk assessment, even if you only give them minimal input during the process.

Each location’s drainage requirements will be different, so these are always technically bespoke jobs that are tailored towards the land and the needs of whoever owns it. The surveys involved in the pre-installation stage are to help decide the best methods of approaching flooding or mud issues.


Other White Horse Contractors services include landscaping and civil engineering, which can encompass anything from planting schemes and fencing to driveways, wall and path construction. This is all either on a residential or commercial scale, depending on the client.

Again, landscaping depends on the shape and size of the area, as well as the natural challenges and client wishes. This means that it is always a bespoke job, so there will be differences in every single project. White Horse Contractors create technical designs and drawings to help with planning it.

These services cover both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ landscaping, meaning that the company can create paths and walls just as easily as parks and soft slopes. The planting schemes can help revitalise areas that have lost their natural plant life or are looking too barren.

When it comes to the civil engineering, this mostly relates to maintaining and renovating parts of projects that are suffering wear and tear, growing poorly, or have been damaged in some other way. This could be plants, walls, paths, or even highly specific one-off projects.

Environmental Works

White Horse Contractors have offered multiple environmental services to clients, from the creation of specialist habitats and land reclamation projects to building cycleways or rainwater harvesting systems. Some of the most notable are creating lagoons and reservoirs for areas that need water.

These jobs are all specific to the area that they were needed for, so once again, they are very dependent on the client’s needs, the location that they have to work with, and what kind of goal is being aimed for.

Water Engineering

Water engineering, including building swimming ponds and artificial lakes, is a more niche area but still an easily available service offered by White Horse Contractors. They have worked on a variety of different water projects, from major pools and waterfalls to simple boreholes, in the past.

These projects can be used for nearly any reason, whether that is as a recreational tool, for visual appeal, or as a way to help with drainage and improve the health of nearby plant and animal life.

White Horse Contractors Contact Details

White Horse Contractors Address – Stephen’s Yard, Enborne, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 0HA

White Horse Contractors Phone Number – 01865 736272

White Horse Contractors Email – [email protected]

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White Horse Contractors Twitter 

White Horse Contractors Reviews

Surprisingly, there are not many White Horse Contractors reviews available online other than testimonials on their own website.

Martin Sperrink of Laing O’Rourke said:

“The company, which was responsible for the design and construction, completed the works to a high standard within budget and on time. An impressive array of modern plant was supported by a suitable experienced workforce and a thoroughly professional management team.”

Lauren Meek, representing a private estate, added:

“The end result was delivered on time and on budget and has exceeded all of the original hopes and expectations of the Owner.”

Dr. Tudor Williams, the Head of Sport with the University of Glamorgan, states:

“Despite challenging ground and weather conditions, White Horse Contractors provided the University with an outstanding artificial sports pitch for football and rugby training.”


This White Horse Contractors review can only use details from the internet itself, and there will always be more than the company can tell you in person. If you have questions about particular services, then asking White Horse Contractors directly is the best option.

Either way, White Horse Contractors seems like a good choice of business for nearly any outdoor work, especially when it comes to drainage. If you have to deal with flooding and mud very often, then this might be one company that can tackle it extremely well and quickly.

If you are not sure what kind of situation you are dealing with or what solution would work best, then you can always work with White Horse Contractors to get an overview of how you could resolve it. They put a lot of time into planning and surveying each job before they start their work on it.

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