Wild Stag Studio Video Production Review

These days everyone knows that businesses need a video to enhance their online presence and reach their target audience. The thing is that not everyone knows the best way to go about creating the right type of video content that not only informs and inspires people but also provides a consistent ROI.

Wild Stag Studio is a leading video production company founded in 2013 that not only creates high quality and engaging video content but also make sure they take time to understand a client’s target audience and tailor each project specifically to the business they are trying to serve.

Are you tired of producing videos that just sit online and don’t get any views and engagement or are you at a point in your business where you have not really considered video and don’t know where to start? This is where Wild Stag Studio can come in.

They offer a no-obligation 15-minute discovery call where they discuss your business, its ethos and the types of people that you serve. From there they offer a video blueprint workshop in which you and your team can sit down with the video experts at Wild Stag Studio and produce a clear and concise video marketing journey that can be implemented to get the most out of your videos and most importantly get more sales! So if you’re looking for a corporate video or promo video for your business then look no further than Wild Stag Studio.

What video services does Wild Stag Studio offer?

They provide many types of video creation services that serve their clients in the best way possible. The Wild Stag Studio process is as follows:

Learn about their client’s business – Involving a discovery call with the client to find out with makes them and their customers tick.

Plan a video strategy – This can be an online meeting or workshop depending on the needs of the business. This is where Wild Stag Studio provides a statement of work and define a plan of action with the business to get the best results possible.

Pre Production – Where the video is storyboarded, organised and planned

Production – The filming/creation stage where the camera rolls and the magic happens!

Post Production- The editing stage, where all the images and messaging are cut together and delivered with the finished piece. This can include sound design, music and graphic animation.

Types of Video Production

The most popular Wild Stag Studio video production types are as follows:

Video Marketing Strategy

A Video Marketing Strategy is a chance for Wild Stag Studio to delve into your business and decide the best way to go with your video marketing. Helping you understand your audience and how you can reach them in the best way with video content.

This gives you some clarity on what will work best for your business to get the most consistent ROI.

Brand Story Film

A Brand Story Film is an engaging and emotive way of telling a brand’s story and ethos to increase brand awareness, inform their target audience and increase their authority. This tends to be used as a hero piece on a website and can also be repurposed for shorter social media snippets to spread over their entire marketing campaign.

It can feature the brand itself and/or its customers/future customers.

Explainer Video

An Explainer Video is a chance for the company to explain a product or service to their customers using either interviews, pieces to camera, b roll and/or graphics and animation to inform the audience of exactly what a product does and how it can benefit them.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos are short form and snappy content for use on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. This is usually between 15 to 60 seconds long and can be delivered in either 16:9 (landscape), 9:16 (portrait) or 1:1 (square). It has to be immediate and engaging, taking less time to set the scene and more time instantly grabbing the audience and letting them know the information at hand. This can be repurposed from longer videos or created specifically for this purpose.

Online Course Filming

Online Course Filming has become very popular and is a chance for experts in their field to deliver information and educational content that can be sold online to prospective students.

Generally, the client creates and delivers the information and Wild Stag Studio makes sure it is captured and delivered in the highest quality.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a chance for a brand or business to reach its audience in real-time. This can boost their social presence exponentially by increasing real-time engagement when streamed to social platforms like Facebook or YouTube. Examples of this can be open days, webinars, conferences, interviews and events.

Wild Stag Studio Contact Details

Contact Wild Stag Studio via these details:

  • Address:  Floor 6, Platf9rm, 44 North Rd, Brighton BN1 1YR
  • Telephone Number: 01273 457 757
  • Website: www.wildstagstudio.com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Registration Number: 10097642
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildstagstudio
  • Instagram: @wildstagstudio
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/wild-stag-studio

Wild Stag Studio Reviews

Bruce Dickinson from Waterbear says:

“Wild Stag not only succeeded in telling our story, but they captured the spirit of the brand perfectly. In modern times ‘getting your message across’ and being heard is incredibly difficult.  Investing in a film made by them was probably the single biggest factor in the successful launch of our college. Since then we have commissioned several other videos with consistently great results. I recommend them to anyone who needs top quality video work.” 

Orna Lyons from Never Fade Records says:

“What we enjoy about Wild Stag is that they’re able to take you through the entire process of content creation (if necessary) – from pitching ideas & creative direction all the way through to grading, editing and reliving the final product. They have always been amazing with quick turnarounds, deadlines and with dealing with our feedback. There are not many video production companies that can deliver such high-quality results all under one roof and that is why we love working with Wild Stag Studio”. 

Josh Bevan from Riptide Wrestling says:

“Wild Stag transformed the visual identity of our business. We owe our whole USP of ‘Cinematic’ presentation to their skills and expertise. Aside from their incredible product, we couldn’t ask for a more reasonable, generous and reliable partner in business.” 

Kathryn Craddock from Brighton Bells says:

“Wild Stag will deliver a professional, friendly, reliable and creative service.” 

David Vine from Brighton & Hove Guitar Lessons says:

“These guys are my one-stop shop when I need to do any premium video product. Excellent knowledge, friendly and they just know how to make it look cool!” 

Final Thoughts about Wild Stag Studio

Wild Stag Studio is an experienced and knowledgeable video production company that not only deliver high-quality business and corporate videos but they take the time to really understand their clients and make sure they get the most out of their video marketing strategy.

They work with all types of businesses to ensure that they reach the most customers in a creative and engaging way therefore they can most importantly make sales and deliver a consistent ROI.

This approach means that this Wild Stag Studio review is full of positives and they come highly recommended for any business looking to improve their video marketing content.

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