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Looking to get paid for writing content online as a contributor?

You need to understand your rates on what to charge, but also what qualification are a must.

Pitching for Paid Writing Opportunities

You have little chance of writing on a major website without the core principles we will highlight soon.

If you are thinking any of these then no need to worry:

  • No bylines on major sites. Or even minor sites. Who are you to pitch yourself and expect to get a writing gig
  • You have no University degree or college A levels
  • You’re not good enough or not experienced enough to write optimised content

Fortunately, this advice below can squash all of this.

Core Principles to Higher Pay

If you want to land decent-paying work to write online here is what you need to concentrate on:

  1. Build up your Brand SERP so you have an online presence – If you currently have no Brand Awareness then take the Brand SERP Course to understand how to get yourself more exposure for yourself
  2. Get yourself signed up to Semrush SEO Tool – There is a trial you can signup to that will allow you to use the tool to help you fully understand Search Intent and Keyword Research which is very important in the blogging world
  3. Get yourself a Surfer SEO account today – Again if you want to charge the higher rates you need to show the employers or blog owners you can write surfer SEO optimised content. This optimised content will correlate to what is currently ranking and help you charge a higher rate
  4. Exposure to your Blogs written – If you can show that your blogs get engagement through social media by sharing this out or buying a gig from Signal Boy then again this can massively increase your prices because you are bringing extra value with your application

These core principles will allow you to get higher pay for the writing jobs you carry out.