Best Courier Companies

Are you looking for the best courier companies in the UK? you’ve come to the right place.

We have selected the best courier companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews. So you can ensure that your courier and logistics services needs will be met to the highest standard.

Nationwide Courier Company

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Best Courier Companies 2024

Here’s our list of the best courier companies for 2024:

  1. Same Day Delivery Courier Services
  2. Urgent National Courier
  3. City Sprint
  4. Parcel Monkey
  5. Parcel 2 Go

What Is A Courier Company?

A courier service company is a person or organisation that will deliver packages or letters from one place to another through a courier.

A courier service company is a little different compared to a delivery driver since a courier is usually used for specific and same-day deliveries but will also pick up packages on their route.

An example of a courier service would be Amazon, they have thousands of couriers across the UK that will deliver and pick up parcels on a daily basis.

How To Choose The Best Courier Company?

There are many factors that go into choosing the right parcel delivery company, some of these include:

  1. How fast the delivery time is
  2. How good their customer service is
  3. Whether or not your parcel will be insured if it goes missing
  4. If they are going to provide you with proof of delivery.
  5. What size and weight limitations they have
  6. How reasonable their cost to value is on the delivery services against the value provided for your business

Considering all of these factors will ensure that your company has made the right decision when it comes to choosing the best courier company.

How Do Courier Companies Make Money?

Courier companies make money by charging the companies they work with a certain amount per package when a customer orders something online.

The fee will also depend on the type of delivery, so if it is next-day delivery or same-day delivery it is going to cost more than standard delivery.

Parcel delivery companies also offer international parcel delivery which will cost a lot more than a lot of other delivery services.

International delivery services also do take a lot longer to process and actually deliver compared to a regular delivery service.

This is why most online companies charge for delivery services to cover the cost of the courier’s fees and United kingdom international deliveries.

Courier Companies To Avoid

The UK has a lot of parcel delivery services such as Royal Mail, Amazon, DPD, etc. However, there are some that you should definitely avoid:


Hermes has been voted by customers to be one of the worst courier services in the UK. Many customers have complained about their packages going missing through Hermes.

Or their package has been damaged when it has arrived which is definitely not something you would want when you are relying on them to deliver your package safely.


Similar to Hermes, Yodel has had a lot of complaints from customers about packages going missing and being damaged when they show up.

Some customers have even complained about packages being stolen by Yodel couriers if they think the package is of high value.

When choosing a postal service provider you want to make sure that your customer’s parcels are delivered with care and on time so it is always best to do your research on the company before selecting one.

Full List Of Courier Companies

We have compiled a list of Courier Companies below: