Best Garage Door Companies

When you’re looking for a company to help you install or offer garage door repairs services, you need a company with experience in hinged garage doors and a good reputation with garage door manufacturers.

We have selected the garage door companies in the UK based on in-depth reviews of their garage door maintenance service.

Nationwide Garage Door Experts

We’ve spent hours reviewing every company based on their customer service, quality of repairs, garage door installation techniques, and much more.

You will find the best prices, excellent customer service, and the most professional tradespeople that provide top-quality artistry for garage door solutions.

Best Garage Doors Companies in 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best garage doors companies in April 2024:

  1. Pro Garage Doors
  2. British Garage Doors
  3. Great Garage Doors
  4. The Garage Door Company
  5. Dimension Garage Doors

What is a Garage Door Company?

A garage door company is a business that offers garage door installation, sectional garage doors repairs, or sells garage doors from leading manufacturers. Some companies specialise in just one of these services, while others offer all three. Garage door companies are an essential part of your home’s security system.

They help to protect your family, pets, and valuables from intruders or other harmful elements. Garage doors can be made of many materials, including steel, fibreglass, wood, and aluminium, to ensure they offer you the best garage door solutions.

Most garage door brands are small, local businesses that provide customer service to residential and commercial customers throughout the UK.

They are licensed by the authorities in which they operate and will have a representative or staff who can answer any questions you may have about the particular project or repair needs of your sectional doors.

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Company

Consider the following when you’re choosing a garage door company from the leading manufacturers in the market:

Look for a company with good reviews

The best way to determine whether the new garage doors service provider is worth hiring is by looking at their online ratings and researching to find out if it is a family-run business.

If there are many positive reviews of the company, then this is a clear indication they can handle any door repairs you might have, even the grp garage doors that seem to be tricky for most.

Experience of over two decades is a good reason to hire them

Experience is important because they’ve been around long enough to build an extensive clientele base. It means better customer satisfaction rates than newer companies might have.

Does the company offer Warranty?

Some companies offer warranties that can be transferred to new homeowners, while others will provide a lifetime warranty on their work.

A warranty will protect you if something was to go wrong with your door, but it’s worth noting that many of these policies are limited in scope and do not cover everything.

Acquired License and certification

Make sure that the company you’re considering has valid licenses and certifications. These allow them to operate legally in each region where they do business.

So if you ever have any issues with your garage door, they’ll have the legal right to fix or replace it. If a garage door company doesn’t have these certifications, you may want to look elsewhere for help.

How do Door Garage Door Companies Make Money?

Here is how garage door companies make money

Selling and Installation of Garage doors

It is the most common way for garage door companies to make money. Customers are always looking for new, high-quality garage doors that will last them a long time and provide them with the protection they need.

Garage door companies can help customers find what they’re looking for by offering expert advice on all aspects of home maintenance, including purchasing new products or services like lock replacement or home. In addition, some companies in the UK provides garage door automation services.

Automatic doors are easy to open and also prevent accidents from happening in the garage. Consequently, automation involves an automatic lock system and remote controls. The installation cost of automatic doors starts from £300; it depends on the company and the door.

Replacement and Repairs

When you call an expert to come and check your garage door, they must charge you a certain amount of money. Many garage doors in the U.K not only offer installation but also provide maintenance services.

Repairs could include replacing springs, repairing stiff and squeaky parts, and repairing electric machines. Usually, repairs are cheaper as compared to replacement of parts, so it is always good to regularly maintain your door to avoid unnecessary costs in the long run.

Some companies in the UK offer maintenance plans that will cover the cost of any repairs or replacements needed when your garage door needs fixing or replacing over time.

Garage Door Companies to Avoid

Avoid garage door companies with the following characteristics:

Low-Quality products

You should also avoid companies that offer low-quality products or services and those that don’t provide references or warranties on their work and products. If you need a new garage door, it’s important to find a company that provides quality products and services.

Companies without a physical location

A physical location is important because it allows you to see how well your door works and if it’s in good working condition. When you’re in your driveway or driveway, you can see if any problems with the mechanism or springs would cause problems later.

Unreasonable prices

The price should be reasonable for both parts and labour. You don’t want to pay more than what it’s worth and more than what other companies in your area charge. In addition, you should avoid companies that use high-pressure sales tactics.

These companies will try to get you to buy a new garage door at high prices. Instead, they should be able to sell you a quality product at an affordable price.

Cash payments

Fake companies would accept cash to avoid traces when they run away with your money. You need to ensure they have another payment option that you can show proof of in case they do not deliver you a product or a service.

Also, you should avoid companies requiring you to pay in advance before delivering installation or repairs. A good company should come and survey your garage without requesting advance money.

Confusing quotes

A good garage door company should be able to provide you with an honest assessment of what your options are, including all of their costs.

Avoid companies that give you confusing quotes or don’t provide an accurate breakdown of their services before they begin work.

Inconsistent names and Missing Logos

A name change in your area indicates that unscrupulous operators may operate under different names, making it difficult to figure out where to go for help.

Also, a lack of recognisable logos can mean that someone is trying to hide their identity or that they don’t have enough customers.

It’s best to avoid these kinds of companies until you have more experience with them.

Full List Of Garage Door Companies

We have compiled a list of garage door companies below: