Best Generator Hire Companies

Generators come in handy for providing backup power for companies and organisations that rely on a consistent power source and face high costs when a power outage causes a shutdown.

The best generator hire companies in the UK are the experts in providing nationwide generator hire services. They have years of experience within the generator hire and sales industry and have supplied numerous generators to various businesses, event organisers, building sites, festivals and construction sites.

Nationwide Generator Hire

They specialise in supplying, installing and hiring portable generators across the UK which support natural gas, LPG, and biogas. They can deliver to you no matter the size, type or wattage you require.

Suppose you are looking for specialists to manage your business’s fuel requirements and supply temporary power. We have selected the best generator hire companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews.

Best Generator Hire Companies 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best generator hire companies May 2024:

  1. Best Generator Hire
  2. Generator Power
  3. Aggreko
  4. Shenton Group
  5. Mems

What is a Generator Hire Company?

An emergency generator hire company can power critical installations that require power during a crisis. They can cater to all aspects of emergency power, providing power solutions ready to assist emergency recovery.

They offer fuel management services, ensuring you get regular fuel deliveries to keep your equipment up and running.

Also, they provide consulting services on system selection, configuration, installation and commissioning and offer a full design service, from feasibility studies to detailed design documentation.

A generator is an independent power solution that produces electricity. A generator can be used as a prime power source or backup solution when you have a power outage from your continuous power supply.

How to Choose the Best Generator Hire Company

Companies often need to hire the right generator to keep their business operational. The reasons for hiring generators range from a scheduled shutdown, the aftermath of floods, fire and power outages to powering up equipment for a show or exhibition.

When selecting a generator hire company, consider the generator company’s remote locations, price, and the following things to ensure that they can provide you with the required equipment.

  • Industrial generators’ solutions should be able to provide high-specification generators that incorporate the latest emission control systems and technology.
  • Industrial generators should be able to provide you with cable kits, bundled fuel tanks, distribution panels, security locks, low-voltage transformers, and earth rods. They are needed to form part of an overall system individually tailored to your specific application.
  • Industrial generators must deliver the highest quality of products and services and ensure the safety of employees, customers and communities. While they also equip organisations with everything else they need to have a safe and fully functioning power system they can rely upon.
  • Industrial generators must have a suite of ISO accreditations verified by LRQA. So you can be sure they meet the strictest safety standards.
  • Industrial generators should feature industry-leading soundproofing and emissions control. They commit to measuring, managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with CEMARS accreditation, supporting environmental concerns.
  • Industrial generators provide fast, flexible hiring when you need it most.
  • Industrial generators can cover suitable for temporary generator hire, emergency power, plant maintenance, outside broadcasts and events and theatre productions.
  • Generator hire must be covered by 24/7 support service giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Industrial generators should be technical, constantly innovating industrial generators, striving to make them cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.

How Do Generator Hire Companies Make Money?

Generator hire companies provide a full suite of generator services from manufacture to maintenance. All equipment undergoes rigorous pre-dispatch testing.

The engineers ensure the delivery and installation goes according to plan, providing clients with complete peace of mind.

The experienced service teams in a generator hire company can help you plan for every situation, from emergencies to day-to-day operations. It includes

  • Contingency planning
  • Customer training
  • Emergency cooling, heating and drying
  • Emergency power
  • Emergency response
  • Fuel management
  • High-voltage power generation
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Underground mine cooling

They also provide generator hire options, transformers, distribution kits, and load bank hire.

  • Backup Generator
  • Industrial Generator
  • Petrol Generator
  • Diesel Generator
  • Portable Generator
  • Marine Generator
  • Standby Generator
  • Commercial Generator
  • Event Generator

They supply, install and maintain all aspects of standby generators, uninterruptible power equipment and other generator solutions to:

  • Utility companies
  • Construction
  • Events
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Telecoms
  • Healthcare

Generator Hire Companies to Avoid

The following descriptions do not make a reliable generator hire company. So avoid them to avoid failed power supply and operations.

  • A company which does not make waves in moving to a green company.
  • A company that is not strict with compliance rules and regulations regarding safety, health, and insurance
  • A company with poor management and no communication.

Full List Of Generator Hire Companies

We have compiled a list of Generator Hire companies below: