Best Online Casino Companies

Are you looking for new online casinos to join and play a few games at? How do you know which online casino brands and businesses are likely to offer you the best deals and offers?

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which online casino businesses are the best. The online gambling world has really exploded in the past decade, and while that means there’s lots of choice out there, it does also mean that things can get a bit confusing for new players.

Some businesses and companies offer stacks of online slots, while others revolve around table games, poker, and other card games.

Others even stray into bingo territory! The very best casino company isn’t necessarily the one which offers all of the above, but which gives you access to the best games on a basis that’s fair and fun.

Are you looking for the best online casinos available right now? You could spend hours trawling through Google!

We’ve made it easier for you by lining up the most reputable and reliable online casino brands operating in the United Kingdom right now.

Whether you like the odd game of blackjack or want to try your hand at a few different jackpot slots and games, make sure to take a look at our list, and bookmark this page – as we’re going to make certain to update our full database of casino operators in the months and years to come.

Best Casino Companies 2022

From our research here are the best casino companies August 2022:

  1. Boomtown Casino
  2. Boomtown Slots
  3. Winners are Grinners
  4. 888 Casino
  5. Slots Buddha
  6. 32Red Casino

Largest Online Gambling Companies

The largest online gambling companies are, more often than not, those which have been in the UK gambling scene the longest.

This doesn’t always follow, but many people will be attracted to big online casino brands simply because they offer a huge amount of scope.

For example, the 888 Group has quickly grown to become one of the most obvious and well-regarded companies in the online gaming industry.

For that reason, particularly because they manage so many different UK casino sites at the same time, too, people regard them as one of the biggest and best around.

However, there are plenty of smaller gambling operators who offer just as good a service, and just as big a variety of table games, payment methods and more.

You’ll likely already have an idea of what appeals to you in an online casino games provider. For that reason, we’re going to run through what we consider when we build our lists shortly.

The fact is, big isn’t always better. Of course, if you’ve heard of a big player in the gambling industry, it’s all for the better. The top online casinos didn’t get to where they are without appealing to millions of people.

However, be willing to try something a little different when looking for gambling companies. There are some emerging brands and services out there which are well worth keeping your eye on.

What Makes The Best Casino Businesses?

When studying the best casino businesses you need to review the following:

  • Security of the Website
  • The trust and authority
  • The social following
  • The quality of content
  • The gaming experience for visitors

There are many other factors that determine the top-rated online casino businesses when reviewing the UK casino sites.

What Makes a Great Online Casino?

The best online casino businesses offer more than just flashy deals, as they should support plenty of games, customer support, and mobile flexibility.

However, these are just a few factors we consider when listing the best and newest casino and gambling sites the web has to offer.

Serving up free spins on the back of a deposit bonus is a great start. However, does a casino business you’re looking into help you to gamble responsibly?

Before you start looking around for live dealer games or UK gambling companies and casino operators, take a look at our list below of everything we consider when it comes to reviewing the casino industry.

  • Mobile Play

This is a huge factor in the modern age! If an online casino business doesn’t give you an app to download or a mobile site that morphs to your device, it’s going to be really hard to play games on the go.

Therefore, look for a gambling company that puts new mobile games and sports betting first.

  • Fair Gaming

We always look for online casinos and gambling services which offer clear regulation and which are proud to be fair and open with their players.

All good online gambling sites, for example, should have some form of regulation.

This should be from the UK Gambling Authority if in the United Kingdom (UK licensed), however, you may also find popular companies and casino operators running fair services through regulation from the Malta or Alderney Commissions.

  • Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Many people play casino games for fun only, but plenty still get into gaming online for the thrill of being able to win some big money.

Therefore, it makes sense to look closely at the payment methods on offer at a new casino business before you make that 1st deposit. Is your payment method supported as a withdrawal method, too? How long will it take you to take your cash out?

  • Bonus Offer

It’s safe to say that most online casino businesses will give you a freebie to use when you first join. For example, you might be able to claim a welcome bonus on your first deposit – to the tune of, say, 100 free spins on a top slot game.

When listing sites and businesses, we make sure to check out all the terms and conditions – as, unfortunately, you can’t always get something for nothing!

  • Range of Games

One of the first things many players will look at is the range of gaming opportunities on offer. How many slot games does a casino business have on display?

Do they have plenty of table games, too? What about a live dealer? What is it about this business’ variety of games and tables which sets it apart from other online casinos?

  • Developers

If you know a bit about casino games online, you’ll know that businesses and platform rely on games and tables developed by different software providers.

Some of these are big names such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playn’Go. However, there are scores of these developer houses – and it makes sense to look out for them so you can measure the quality of online casino sites you visit.

  • Security

Security and safety are, of course, paramount when it comes to making sure that your money is under close guard. Otherwise, you’re at risk of your bank card or e-wallet falling into the wrong hands.

Any casino operator regulated by the UK Gambling Commission should make it clear that they update their site certificates, and that they are using the HTTPS protocol at least. These are easy enough to spot.

  • Customer Care

Of course, you should make sure that there is an avenue you can take if you ever have any questions or queries. Most leading online casino businesses will at least have some form of FAQs section in place.

However, look for live chat options at the casinos you visit, and what’s more, read top reviews from other players to see if the customer care system is really up to scratch.

Additional Information

You may have plenty of other questions of your own to ask. Don’t be afraid to reach out to online casino companies and to find out more.

They want to make sure that your experience is safe, smooth and fun. Therefore, they are unlikely to get spiky or dodge your questions! If they are, it may well be a good idea to look elsewhere.

There’s plenty to keep in mind when you start comparing different online casino companies – be ready to have a ticksheet to hand, or at least a clear idea of what’s worth looking for!

How Do I Find the Best Online Casinos?

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to find the best online gaming companies in the UK and around the world, with our list of tried and tested platforms and companies right here.

We’ve gone to serious effort testing and analysing a huge range of games, as well as sites and platforms performing across mobile and desktop devices. No two casinos are the same, which is why you really need to keep your eyes peeled.

In the past, finding the best gambling company for your money might well have been a confusing endeavour.

It’s normally meant searching around endlessly through Google, for example, where you’d normally need to take your time looking for top reviews and customer ratings.

In some cases, you might even have needed to put in cash of your own and to try out the games and sites just so you can get a handle on what to expect.

What is the Best Online Casino Site in the UK?

With so many different casinos to choose from, it’s not always easy for you to pick the best casino businesses in the UK – however, there are plenty which lead the way.

The best online casino in the UK for you will appeal to your own gaming needs, as well as your own financial demands.

You need to look for a site which offers the games you want, the deposit terms you demand, and the withdrawal terms which are most likely to fit your ongoing needs.

Therefore, there’s no real one answer to this question. Just make certain to take a look around the best online casino providers listed here, and keep this page bookmarked for when we make updates and changes in future.

Can I Win Real Money when I Play at Online Casinos in the UK?

It’s perfectly possible for you to win real money at UK online casinos, providing that they are regulated by the UKGC.

Regulated casinos offer fair, impartial fun. This means that you will stand as much chance as any other player when it comes to winning big money.

It’s completely random – much like real life gaming – meaning that one moment, you could be on a losing streak, and the next, you could be making thousands.

It really is down to luck – and that’s what drives people to check out some of the best UK casino and gambling industry brands online.

Gambling responsibly is key, however, and all the best UK sites offering casino games in this list have some form of support network in place to assist you.

Do make certain you read the terms and conditions of any bonus offers you enter into if you want to ensure that you win real cash.

This is because, with some bonus deals, you may have to play back a certain amount of your own money into a site before you’ll be allowed to take cash away.

When playing for real cash, just be careful you don’t end up putting too much of your own in that you can’t afford! That’s the key!

What kind of Bonuses can I get at a UK Online Casino?

The vast majority of bonuses at a UK online casino are likely to be cash matches, free spins or welcome packages.

Cash matching deals will double or triple your money, for example, depending on how much you pay as a first deposit.

For example, online casino and sports betting companies might tell you that they will match your first deposit by 100% if you pay in at least £10. This means that they will give you at least an extra £10 to play with.

Free spins deals will give you a package of spins to use on a big casino game or two. However, be careful with terms and conditions here, as you may only be able to win so much, and as stated before, wagering requirements may come into play.

This is where you will need to play back money to be able to cash out.

Welcome packages tend to be really popular at newer casino sites. This is where you will get a mix of free spins to use on online slot machines, a stack of money to try at a live casino, or even free bets to use on sports betting odds and markets.

In some cases, you may also find that you get free bingo tickets to use in one or more rooms of your choosing.

Crucially, please always ensure that you read the small print!

While all of the casino businesses we list here have fantastic deals and reputations, it’s down to you to make certain you read the terms that come attached with some of the bigger offers and deals. Don’t end up out of pocket for the sake of it!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now really is the time to start looking at online slots and online casinos with brilliant reputations.

Take some time to look through our list of the best online companies offers online casino games right now. We’ve vetted these sites so you don’t have to spend hours and hours looking around for the best fit.

Look beyond the big deals and start playing online games at a site that’s comfortable for your needs and demands.

What’s more, please be sure to gamble responsibly – and only ever opt for companies which support and regulate their games accordingly.

In no time, we’re sure you’ll be having stacks of fun at the sites and platforms we’ve listed here. So why not sign up with your email address today?

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