Best Pallet Racking Companies

When hiring a pallet racking company, you need to ensure you look at the quality rather than just the price.

We have reviewed all pallet racking companies in the UK if you want to utilise the space you have for the most efficient storage solutions.

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Whether you are looking for pallet rack installers near me, industrial pallet racking for sale, small or large pallet racking, or even existing pallet racking, this article will advise you on the best pallet racking manufacturers for you.

We have reviewed all installers, from adjustable pallet racking, heavy-duty cantilever racking systems, and mobile pallet racking solutions to standard warehouse pallet racking.

Best Pallet Racking Companies 2024

From our research, here is a list of the Best Pallet Racking Companies:

Pallet Racking Suppliers

Pallet Racking Suppliers Logo

Our best pick for UK Pallet Racking Companies has to be Pallet Racking Suppliers. This nationwide company work with hundreds of companies each year to help with their pallet racking needs and has built up an excellent reputation in the time they’ve been operating.

At, the rating and reviews were incredible. We worked closely with the brand to create this video, showcasing more about the services they offer across the country, and you can check that out below:

From competitive prices to amazing testimonials on installations, it was obvious why Pallet Racking Suppliers were voted the #1 pallet racking company in the UK. Take a look at our in-depth review of Pallet Racking Suppliers for more.

Millennium Storage & Interiors Ltd

Millennium Storage & Interiors Ltd Logo

With over two decades of experience, Millennium Storage & Interiors Ltd is a cost-effective pallet racking company based in the UK.

Millennium Storage & Interiors Ltd carries out the design, supply, and installation of all commercial storage systems.

Millennium works within a design and construction build that ensures customer requirements are fully met on time, within budget, and strictly according to specification.

Warehouse Systems Ltd

WSL Logo

WSL will deliver a pallet racking project to fit your exact requirements and create the best space utilising designs.

As an industry-leading pallet racking company with over 30 years of experience Warehouse Systems Ltd install the following:

  • Drive-in or Drive-through Racking
  • Mobile Racking
  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking
  • Wide Aisle Racking
  • Pallet Live Racking
  • Double Deep Racking
  • Shuttle Racking
  • Cantilever Racking

WSL has installed projects for SMEs to Blue Chip organisations throughout the UK.

Link 51

Link 51 Logo

Link 51 is a supplier of industrial storage solutions.

With a vast range of pallet racking systems, including mobile, cantilever to general shelving.

Link 51 experienced designers follow SEMA guidelines to ensure they provide storage solutions that maximize space and increase workplace efficiency, and are safe and fit for purpose.

Thistle Systems

Thistle Systems Logo

Thistle Systems can transform the efficiency of workspaces by maximising capacity, improving productivity, and reducing operational costs.

The accreditations show the commitment to quality and safety:

  • SEMA Approved Distributor
  • SEMA Approved Installation Company
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

All Thistle Systems projects are safe to build, safe to use, safe to maintain, and deliver excellent value for money.

Full List Of Pallet Racking Installers

We have compiled a list of UK Pallet Racking installers below: