Best Shop Front Design Companies

Shop Front Design Companies

In this article, we will explore, examine and review the best shopfront design companies, in the UK.

We will assess what services are on offer, how to establish which company is best for you and how to avoid companies that aren’t up to scratch.

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Price will also be factored in, as this tends to be a crucial part of making a purchase or hiring a service. So, we will look at what options you have to keep the cost of shopfront design and installation within your budget.

Keep reading to find our list of the best Shop Front Design Companies in the UK.

Best Shop Front Design Companies 2021

From our research, here is a list of the Best Shop Front Design Companies May 2024:

Shop Front Design

Shop Front Design Logo

Shop Front Design are our pick of the bunch when it comes to shop front design services. These guys offer a huge range of shop front products and services nationwide, from traditional shop front services to roller shutters, curtain walls and more. Regardless of what it is you’re looking for, they’re known to be extremely helpful and accommodating. Check out their website above to find out more, or to learn more about who Shop Front Design are, take a look at our Shop Front Design review.

Shop Front Design have also created this promotional video to help push their nationwide services, give it a quick watch if you’re interested!

Overall, Shop Front Design are definitely our go to brand when it comes to these services. Their online reputation, excellent case studies and variety of services available make them our #1 choice for shop front design companies.

Huxley and CO Ltd

Huxley and CO Ltd Logo

Huxley and CO are another great shop front design company, offering everything you need for your new shop front. Huxley and CO Ltd are based in London, and have great experience within the industry. They’ve worked on many different shop fronts across London, and are a great company to work with. Be sure to view our comprehensive review of Huxley and CO Ltd.

Shop Front Group

Shop Front Group Logo

Shop Front group are in at number 3 on our list, and again, are a really good company. Based in Manchester, Shop Front Group offer both installation and maintenance of shop fronts, and with some terrific testimonials on their website, it’s easy to see why these guys have the reputation that they do. We’ve reviewed Shop Front Design in detail, so if you’re interested, make sure to read our Shop Front Group Review here.

Majestic Shop Fronts

Majestic Shop Fronts Logo

Another London-based Shop Front company, Majestic Shop Fronts travel up and down the country installing and maintaining bespoke shop front designs throughout the UK. They too offer a wide range of services and even have a blog dedicated to their industry! These guys are brilliant shop front installers, and for more about their organisation, have a look at our Majestic Shop Fronts Review.

Shutters and Shop Fronts 

Shutters and Shop Fronts Logo

At number 5, we have Shutters and Shop Fronts (S&SF). This shop front company have worked with some big organisations over the years, travelling across the United Kingdom to carry out their work. Shutters and Shop Fronts also offer a hand 24/7 emergency repair services too, which is one of their many excellent services they provide. For more information about this company, why not ready our full Shutters and Shop Fronts review.

What is a Shop Front Design Company?

A shopfront design companies design, construct and insert up to date and contemporary shop fronts for businesses.

They can transform your shop front to match the branding of your business, whether that be an updated modern look or something more traditional.

A shopfront that is captivating and professional will draw more customers in than a shopfront that looks outdated, weathered and dull.

So, it is worthwhile investing in your shop’s appearance as it’s your client’s first impression of your business and could make or break your profit.

How to Choose the Best Shop Front Design Company

Your shopfront is an opportunity to showcase your products, promote your business and develop your brand, so, it’s highly important that it is top quality.

To try to decide which shopfront design company would be best for you, here are a few things to consider.


When researching which shopfront company would be best for you, you should check out each companies online reviews.

Whether this is on Google, Facebook or their own website, reviews can give you insight into work the shopfront design company has previously completed.

It can highlight whether their previous clientele were happy with their final shopfront or whether it would perhaps be advisable to look elsewhere.


Most companies that have experience in their industry will make it known, as experience tends to correlate with quality when it comes to the trade industry.

Companies that have been around for a long time must be doing something right in order for their business to have survived for such a significant amount of time.

Typically, it means they are good at their job.

Have a look at the companies website and explore their pages to see what kind of experience they may have.

Customer Service

Not only is a company’s physical work important, so is their customer service.

You don’t want to have to deal with rude, passive or slow employees, so, make sure you reach out to their customer service teams first, to get a good idea of the management of the business.

Helpful and efficient advisors are important as if you have any concerns or queries you want them to be dealt with as soon as possible and for a resolution to be found.


If you look on many shopfront design company’s websites, it is common for the business to have a gallery displaying images of work that they have carried out.

It can show potential clients the style of work they tend to complete, give them ideas for their own shopfront and, most importantly, reassure the client of the standard of work they uphold.

Have a browse on the shopfront companies images to make an informed decision as to whether this company is the right fit for you and your shop.


There are many different types of shopfronts that have emerged over the past few decades, such as glass shopfronts, aluminium shopfronts, shopfronts with automatic doors, shopfronts with carved letters. The list goes on.

You should research what shopfront would work best for your brand and then explore which shopfront companies can provide you with the services that you require.

Keep reading to find out how to avoid bad shop front design companies.

How Do Shop Front Design Companies Make Money?

Shopfront design companies make their money via the design and installation of shopfronts.

There are various different features that can be incorporated into a shopfront, from the signs, to the doors, to the displays, there are various entities that work together to create a finalised shopfront.

Obviously, the more features you want your shopfront to have, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Aspects of your shopfront that can impact prices include:

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Detail and architecture
  • Material
  • Access
  • Features, such as automatic doors or shutters
  • Lighting

You can get in touch with shopfront design companies to request a quote or consultation to see how much money you will be looking at for the shopfront of your dreams.

Shop Front Design Companies to Avoid

So, we’ve told you how to find the best design companies, now to tell you how to avoid the worst.

Check the reviews

Checking a companies reviews will notify you of any bad experiences previous customers have experienced.

It can help you avoid the same issues reoccurring on your project.

Bad work can result in increased expenditure from your company, as you may need to get inadequate work amended, so it’s important to do your due diligence and read the reviews.

Check their experience

If a company has only just begun they may not be as skilled in the profession.

Lack of skill can produce poor quality work, so it’s advisable to stick with a company which you know has experience in the industry.

Check if they have images

A red flag is when a shopfront design company’s website doesn’t show images.

If a company is proud of its work it makes sense to display this on their site, lack of images may suggest poor quality work.

Make sure you ask for examples of previous work if a site doesn’t have a gallery of images of their projects.

Full List Of Shop Front Design Companies

We have compiled a list of UK shop front design companies below: