Best Staircase Companies

Stairs play an important role in businesses and homes because they create a sense of privacy, divide space, and can help build an impression of grandeur.

A reputable staircase company should offer everything from the curved staircases, spiral stairs for an edgy look, simple straight staircases to even outdoor staircase to complement your space.

Nationwide Staircase Company

Before hiring one of these professional staircase manufacturers, you must do some research first. We will discuss what makes a good staircase company so that you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Also, we have selected the best staircase companies in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews, their staircase cost and the quality stairs they offer.

Best Staircase Companies 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best staircase companies in April 2024:

  1. Certified Staircases
  2. Pear Stairs
  3. Stair Box
  4. TK Stairs
  5. Abbott Wade

What Are Staircase Companies?

A staircase company is a business that designs, manufactures, and installs staircases. The companies usually have a team of experienced designers and craftsmen who can create custom staircases for residential and commercial properties.

In some cases, staircase companies may also offer a range of stock staircases that can be installed without needing customisation. When choosing a staircase company, ensure that the company can meet your specific needs and requirements.

How to Choose The Best Staircase Companies

Here’s some useful tips for how to choose the best staircase companies:

Qualifications & Experience in stair installation

When hiring a staircase company, ensure they have enough experience. An experienced company can deliver durable stairs with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Also, ensure that the company hiring has certifications and meets certain quality standards to ensure they adhered to al safety features. Ensure that the company adheres to the building codes established by your local authorities.

In addition, it is important to hire someone with insurance to protect you in case of any injuries or damage during the construction.

Tools & Equipment

When hiring a staircase company, you want to ensure they have the right tools and equipment to build your stairs. Otherwise, you could end up with a shoddy staircase that doesn’t meet your expectations.

A company with advanced equipment will ensure that your stairs are durable and aesthetically pleasing.


You need to choose a company that is local and familiar with your neighbourhood to cut transportation costs. When you hire a company far from your place, they would properly charge you more because of accommodation and transportation.

Also,  a local company is easy to reach out to if you have problems with your new build staircase. In addition, consider a company with an established reputation in your area. It ensures that their workmanship is of quality standards.


Before you choose a staircase company, it’s important to be aware of the cost. Cost depends on the type of staircase, the materials used, and the complexity of your design.

A spiral staircase designed with a manual emergency stop might seem technical to design, but it doesn’t mean the company should exploit you with the price.

A good company will provide you with an estimate in writing before starting work so you can get an idea about what to expect from them. So, if you feel they are charging too much for their services, you choose another.

How Do Staircase Companies Make Money?

Staircase companies make money by designing, manufacturing, and selling staircases. The company will charge you for the materials involved in the construction of your stairs.

They charge you a set fee based on the number of stairs they install, the type of staircase, and the finishing work. Also, they may have a team of engineers who generate income for the company by providing consultation services to various clients.

Staircase Companies to Avoid

Here are the types of staircase companies you should avoid:

Companies without insurance Coverage

You should not work with a company that doesn’t have insurance, as they won’t protect you in the case of an accident. Also, they might not pay for any damages that occur during the construction of your staircase.

Hire a company with insurance and ensure to inquire more about their policy. If their policy doesn’t cover the staircase construction, consider looking for another company.

Avoid Companies with Complaints from Customers

When you’re looking for a staircase company, ensure you always check their reviews. You need to look through all the reviews left by previous customers to get an idea of how they handled their jobs. You can always ask the company for references if you cannot find any reviews.

A reputable company should have no problem providing you with a list of past clients who are happy with their work. Once you have a few references, call them and ask about their experience working with the company. It will give you a good idea of what to expect if you hire them.

Avoid companies with high fees

When it comes to staircases and stairs, you want to go with a company that can provide a quality product at an affordable price. So, you need to avoid companies that charge high fees. It is always important to inquire the company about additional costs, payment plans, financing options, and discounts.

You want to avoid paying any unnecessary money, which can add up quickly and raise the cost of construction. Instead, look for a company that offers free quotes and consultations. This way, you can get an accurate estimate of the cost of your project without having to pay any fees.

Avoid companies without a physical address

You need to avoid companies without a physical address. The companies might be unreliable and inexperienced in providing quality staircase products and services. Also, they may be difficult to contact if you need customer service assistance.

It is always best to deal with a reputable, established staircase company with a physical address to ensure you’re getting quality products and services.

Avoid companies without an online presence

You should always avoid staircase companies without a good online presence. A company without an online presence is likely not updated and may not deliver quality work. A good company should have a well-designed website that is easy to navigate.

It should also have an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Getting in touch with a company that has yet to have an online presence can be difficult, making the hiring process very frustrating.

Full List Of Staircase Companies

We have compiled a list of staircase companies below: