Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Needing to brush up on your SEO knowledge and looking for the best SEO community to help you progress?

The Chiang Mai SEO Conference is packed with knowledge bombs and the latest updates on the search engine algorithms.

The Chaing Mai SEO (CMSEO) Conference is a yearly conference designed to exchange ideas, drive innovation and strengthen results within the SEO industry.

Who Started The Chiang Mai SEO Conference?

The Chiang Mai SEO Conference was founded by Matt Diggity. Originally, it started in 2016 as an invitation-only SEO Mastermind held in Chiang Mai. After the success of the mastermind, the following year it was decided to combine it with a conference.

The first official conference in 2017 was a sell-out event with over 500 attendees, a week of presentations, a huge variety of workshops, and networking events. Due to its wild success, it has become an annual event alongside the invite-only mastermind.

What Is The Chiang Mai SEO Conference?

The Chiang Mai SEO Conference is two days of presentations by some of the best SEOs in the industry. It includes a huge amount of official and unofficial networking events, free workshops and meetups hosted at hotspots throughout Chiang Mai in the weeks leading up to the main conference.

The conference also coincides with the invitation-only Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind. The mastermind is a collection of high-earning SEO experts from all over the world who work together to vastly improve each other’s online businesses.

Where Is The Conference Held?

The CMSEO Conference is held in Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand. Chaing Mai is often considered the SEO capital of the world and is perfect for those seeking a location independent lifestyle. The Chaing Mai SEO Conference is the perfect way to soak up the Thai culture, network with new friends, and level up your SEO game.

When Is The Conference?

The CMSEO Conference is held once a year, around the middle of November. This time of the year provides ideal weather and a high concentration of digital entrepreneurs.

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