Best Balcony Installers 

After a long day of work, balconies are the best outdoor space to relax and enjoy nature. No matter how you see your balcony, it adds property value – character & style to your home and even to commercial and modern buildings you work on.

We can present you with a list of balcony installers in the United Kingdom (UK) who you can depend on to supply and install balustrades to match your budget and vision.

They have extensive residential and commercial experience and offer custom-made and high-quality balconies that complement many of today’s architectural styles.

Nationwide Balcony Installation Experts

If you already have balconies, the top balcony installers in the UK can design matching metalwork, giving you a bright professional look throughout your property or business. They manage teams of expert architects and engineers, providing bespoke balconies to suit your needs.

The best balcony installers in the UK can supply and install aesthetic and functional balconies to your design to the highest quality and your specifications at a low cost.

They have the technical and on-site experience to provide top-quality construction for both internal and external applications with a choice of all installation materials for a superior finish with no rusting.

If you are searching for exquisite balcony planning and installation at competitive costs. We have selected the best Balcony installers in the UK based on the latest in-depth reviews.

Best Balcony Installers 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best Balcony Installers companies April 2024:

  1. Balcony Installers
  2. Sunrock Balconies
  3. New Balcony
  4. Blueyonder Balconies
  5. Babsi

What is a Balcony Installer?

When installing a new balcony into your home, there are several safety regulations that you may need to conform to. You will need planning permission before any construction can go ahead. An experienced balcony installer can help you with the entire process from start to finish!

A balcony installer offers services in designing, supplying and installing a bespoke balcony to suit any need. They are experts in a wide range of balcony installation services, and some of their work has involved:

  • Structural steelwork
  • Hand railings
  • Stairs
  • Juliet balconies
  • Glass balconies
  • Glass balustrades

It can elevate your property’s aesthetic and complement your building with a traditional or contemporary look, depending on the style and materials used.

How to Choose the Best Balcony Installer?

The balcony is crucial for your house; its value and beauty rely on durability and safety to enjoy the view, comfort and cost savings.

Then it is essential to choose the right company to provide you with the most suitable balcony railing. Here are the things you should consider in selecting the supplier and installer of your balcony.

  • The balcony company does not only supply the materials but also offers balcony installations at low costs to match your budget and style without compromising the high-quality materials they use.
  • Staff in the balcony company should be highly professional, friendly, and customer-centred in the construction of the balcony, even in awful weather conditions.
  • A Balcony company is aware of all current regulations in providing advice and specifications for Building Control inspection.
  • The balcony company’s sales process must be professional, detailed, and informative and provide you with great consultation to make a well-informed decision on the balcony planning and installation cost that fits your budget.
  • A balcony company provides access to balcony design and options with a bespoke service to ensure customers get exactly what they want.
  • A balcony company should have good communication, customer service, and project management to complete installing balconies quickly and efficiently.
  • The balcony planning and installation services should be flexible to fit your customer’s schedules.

How Do Balcony Installers Make Money?

Balcony companies are highly experienced in supplying various products, including standard stainless steel, wrought iron, Juliet balcony, flat spot system, rigging wire, railing, handrails, gates, and glass to suit different balconies other applications. They are made from various materials and finishings.

They also manufacture and install balconies for various locations, including domestic and commercial property throughout the UK. Every glass balcony they manufacture and install can have total input from the customer, where they work with you to achieve the exact results you want for your building.

At the balcony company, experts provide high-quality balustrade systems for all balconies, including Juliet balconies. They install the best balustrades for your balconies to keep your family safe, as even the most minor drops can be a problem.

Balcony companies can provide “install only” services and deliver parts for your balcony without installation. They supply a variety of products that are useful for a variety of projects, despite the size.

Balcony Installers to Avoid

To most people, balconies are not just merely accessories but a natural extension of their living space in their own homes and units in commercial buildings.

In this case, security and safety are significant considerations in maintaining balconies as a comfort and cost-saving investment. So, it is a need to try to avoid balcony companies with the following qualities:

  • A balcony installer has poor health and safety standards.
  • A balcony installer delays projects and delivers the wrong size of materials.
  • A balcony installer damages facilities during the installation process.
  • A balcony installer that improperly stores materials.
  • A balcony installer has awful customer support.
  • A balcony installer has unprofessional workers and is terrible at their jobs without taking responsibility.

There is no perfect service, but a good balcony installer should know how to address and take responsibility for the consequences made to customers and improve for the best quality to offer.

Full List Of Balcony Companies

We have compiled a list of Balcony Installers below: