Best Equity Release Lead Generation Companies

You may always anticipate the greatest possible leads, even if you have no prior understanding of lead generation when you work with Equity Release Lead Generation companies. Equity Release Lead Generation professionals take care of everything on your site for your business in order to provide you with the greatest leads.

Find the best Equity Release Lead Generation Companies

We have selected the best Equity Release Lead Generation companies in the UK. Find out how these companies generate leads through our in depth reviews.

Best Equity Release Lead Generation Companies 2024

From our research, here is a list of the best equity release lead generation companies May 2024:

  1. Fatrank
  2. PromoSEO Ltd
  3. First Rung Now

What is an Equity Release Lead Generation Company?

If you are over the age of 65, equity release refers to a set of products that allow you to access the equity, or cash, in your house. You can release the funds in one large payment, multiple smaller instalments, or a combination of both.

Equity release lead generation is the technique of producing leads through contact forms using various types of digital marketing. Potential consumers search Google for equity release leads every day, but a lead generating business can produce them for individuals or businesses.

Many may have tried posting on social media, such as Facebook, attending networking events, or even obtaining low-quality leads from merchants that sell you many businesses, but these are the not best-qualified leads. An equity release company does the work of generating leads for an equity release business.

How to Choose the Best Equity Release Lead Generation Company

Do your due diligence before outsourcing lead generating to an appointment scheduling or lead generation business. Before you choose, make sure you acquire answers to these questions from any equity release lead-generating service you are considering.

Industry Experience

If you’re in a highly specialised industry, the more knowledgeable the lead generating firm is with your industry, the more successful they’ll be.

Fundamental lead generating concepts are universal across sectors. Therefore, this shouldn’t play a significant role in your selection, yet it is. Choose a decent lead generating business over a terrific one just based on their experience in your industry. This, on the other hand, can be a tiebreaker if you’re dealing with two lead-generating organisations that appear to be on par.

Lead Generation Practice

The quality of the leads will vary depending on how they were obtained. For example, if telemarketers phone people at random to develop a list of leads, such leads are unlikely to be excellent. Those leads are significantly more promising if they have developed a thorough content marketing strategy that draws potential buyers.

Lead Qualification

What do they refer to them as? Or do they simply gather contact information via a form and then send the leads to their clients? Higher quality is usually associated with more direct touch. The top lead generating firms will speak with potential leads to ensure that they are a suitable fit for your company.

Lead Exclusivity

Will you be the only one that receives the leads, or will they be distributed to many businesses? You’ll have to compete for the leads if they aren’t exclusive. If you don’t have a sales staff to manage the competition, don’t acquire leads like that.

Exclusive lead generating businesses charge more, but depending on your ability to follow up, the higher price tag may be worth it.

Lead Hand-Off

Depending on your available resources, it may be worthwhile to pay a premium for a lead generating firm that can handle more of the process for you. If your workforce is tiny, you could opt to deal with an appointment set up a business.

Whatever option you select, it is important to find out (1) whether they give notes from their phone interaction with the lead and (2) whether they have a CRM integration or need you to manually enter the lead.


Is the cost of each lead the same? Or does the firm charge extra for leads from companies with more workers (or based on some other criterion)? You’ll need to consider this while deciding whether or not the leads are worthwhile. To determine if everything adds up, look at how many transactions you complete and how much it costs to close them based on how much they charge.

Do they charge by the number of leads or by the number of customers? Some firms charge for each lead, while others don’t charge you until closing the sale. If you choose the latter, be aware that it will be more costly.

How Do Equity Release Lead Generation Companies Make Money?

Lead generation is not straightforward, despite what you may have heard from industry experts. If we look at certain data, we can find that producing leads is the most difficult task for many businesses. Here are some of the services you can expect to receive from Equity Release Lead Generation Companies.

Database Marketing

Any agency worth your time will have extensive commercial and professional databases. These data sources allow lead generation companies to target and customise marketing efforts on a scale that most in-house marketers can’t match.

Traditional inbound programs generate a slew of changes, filtered through lead nurturing and other marketing approaches to discover leads that meet the relevant buyer profiles. The databases that lead generation companies have at their disposal speed up much of this information collection and quickly identify which leads have a strong desire to buy.

Content Syndication

Content syndication is the process of distributing your content to various platforms to raise brand awareness and bring visitors back to your own website. This has traditionally been performed by taking previously published pieces on your site and collaborating with other blogs to get them to republish the content. Another typical syndication method is RSS feeds, which are created hoping that larger sites would find the information interesting and pick it up.

Lead generating services may employ some of the syndication tactics listed above, but they’ll most likely use email to distribute your material over their massive network. And owing to the tremendous data infrastructure these companies bring to bear, each email campaign will be hyper-targeted.


While consumer telemarketing is often based on geographic and demographic information, B2B telemarketing uses firmographic information to better target prospects.

Telemarketing campaigns can have various goals, but the most frequent one is to schedule meetings with your sales staff. Because telemarketing programs’ scripts and procedures are usually proprietary, you’ll need to discuss the specifics of this plan with your service provider.

Lead Nurturing

Certain lead generation companies have inbound programs in place that nurture prospects from the top of the funnel to the bottom, where they are ready to buy. The specifics of lead nurturing programs are less apparent because agencies may utilise them to generate leads to sell to their clients, or they may just use them for their own internal goals.

Come across a vendor who does provide this service to their customers. You should study more about their product offering because nurtured leads with specific contact information are far more likely to convert than leads at the top of the funnel.

Equity Release Lead Generation Companies to Avoid

How can you determine the difference between phoney and real leads generated by your marketing efforts? There are a few key indications to look out for if you want to spot lead fraud.

No growth for big expenses

You could anticipate each lead generated to result in a new client when adopting a cost per lead revenue model. At the absolute least, it’s reasonable to assume that if you add 20% more leads to your sales funnel, you’ll lose 20% more deals—even if some of the new leads don’t become customers.

Complaints increase

Fraudsters frequently use information from genuine persons to fill up their forms. This lets the rip-off merchants “establish” that the lead is a real person. However, even if the data utilised is from a genuine person, that person will not have given you their consent to communicate with them.

When you (or your sales team) contact the contacts provided by your advertising/marketing partner, you may receive complaints. If a large proportion of new leads complain about not being able to opt in to get communications from you or request that you never call them again, it’s possible that you’re dealing with fraudulent leads.

Shared IP addresses for new leads

When numerous leads have the same contact information, such as addresses or phone numbers, but are not from the same organisation, this is a red flag of false leads in your marketing.

Leads with IP addresses that are outside of your designated geographic range might also be a sign of lead generation fraud. Let’s imagine your company only does business in California, and your targeted ad campaigns are only intended to run in that state. Your leads’ IP addresses, on the other hand, continue to indicate that they are originating from Florida, New York, or a foreign place such as Taiwan.

This might mean that your marketing partners are either ignoring your geo limits, squandering your ad budget on leads that won’t convert, or providing you fraudulent prospects.

Best Equity Release Lead Generation Companies

Here is a full list of the best equity release lead generation companies in the UK:

The list above gives you plenty of options to choose from in May 2024