Best Wetpour Companies

When looking to hire a wetpour company you need to make sure you look at the quality rather than just the price.

Are you looking for a safe surface for your playground?

Best Wetpour Companies 2021

From our research, here is a list of the best wet pour companies in May 2021:

Wet Pour Installers

When looking to hire wet pour installers you need to look for qualified and professional labour.

Wet pour is a porous safety rubber surfacing used on various play surfaces across the world. The surface is safety focused. It has a base layer, also known as a shock-pad layer. Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) that has larger granules makes the surface.

What is a Wet Pour Surfacing Company?

A wet pour surfacing company is a company that installs flooring on playgrounds. Some companies perform a full installation while others do partial installations.

Wet pour companies come in different forms. For example, some manufacture their surfacing materials and install them. But some act as middlemen between the manufacturers and the consumers. They buy the flooring material from the manufactures on behalf of the consumers.

We also know these companies are also dealers. The manufacturers usually contract them. They install and maintain the playgrounds on their behalf.

How to Choose the Best Wet Pour Surfacing Company

Many companies present themselves as wet pour surfacing companies. It is the responsibility of the consumer/buyer to select one that best serves their needs. The following are some things to look out for in wet pour surfacing company:

  • Licensing and accreditation – choose a company that has all the licenses. They should have certification from the relevant bodies. Licensing and certification ensure that the company follows industry regulations. When you select such a company, you will get value for your money.
  • Safety standards and critical fall height ratings. – the company should use materials that follow BS EN 1177 safety standards. Select such companies since they follow the safety standards. Safety is a significant factor to consider for any playground surface.
  • Full installation services. – the company you work with should offer full installations. A partial installation company will force you to contact several. Seeking the services of several companies might increase the cost of installation. It is also easier to deal with warranty issues when they arise.
  • Experience – also select a company that has been in the industry for several years. A company with years of experience has no issues following set standards. It is also easy to follow their track record as opposed to a new company.
  • Customer service – select a company that has excellent customer service. Customer service is critical, especially when you need help from the company. It should be available all the time and offer speedy solutions to your queries. To find out about a company’s customer service, check out their website, and social media pages. Check the comments of current customers, and you will be able to judge them.
  • Warranty – choose companies that offer the best warranty terms and after-sales services. Warranty and after-sales help are essential when you have problems with the installed playground.

How Do Wet Pour Surfacing Companies make money?

Wet pour surfacing companies make money through the services they offer. It would be best if you also got the facts on what you need for your playground. Consult widely, seek to understand the set standards and the best surfaces for your needs.

Getting the best company for your playground will ensure you get a safe playground. You will also do it at an affordable rate.

The following are some services through which they make money:

  • Full installation of wet pour safety flooring to playgrounds. – The companies make money by installing the floor on the playgrounds. Each company has its pricing policy, and you will select one that works best for you.
  • Partial installations of safety flooring to playgrounds – some companies perform partial installations. They make money from each partial installation they perform.
  • Wet pour surface maintenance – playgrounds are prone to wear and tear. Every time they wear out, they need repair. Some wet pour surfacing companies make money repairing and performing routine maintenance. This is usually a good source of revenue for upcoming wet pour surfacing companies. They usually do it as a sub-contract from the already established companies.
  • Consultancy – some companies offer consultancy services on the wet pour surfacing companies. The consultation might be in the form of advice provided to potential clients. This advice is in the form of the best materials to use for a particular playground. Or industry standards to adhere to.

Wet Pour Surfacing Companies to Avoid

There are wet pour surfacing companies that you should avoid at all costs. If you come across a company with the following characteristics, avoid it.

  • Always avoid a wet pour surfacing company that does not offer full installations. This will force you to seek services from other companies. Using several companies on one playground installation might lead to avoidable problems. For example, it will cost more. You might have warranty issues, and some may have competence challenges.
  • Also, avoid companies that don’t have a track record. You should select a company whose work you can verify. There should be playgrounds they have installed that you can check. You can also review their previous clients.
  • You should avoid companies with poor customer service at all costs. Customer service is a critical aspect of every contract. A company with poor customer service does not value their customers. You should avoid such companies.
  • Avoid a company that does not have a permanent facility. A company that has not invested in its facilities is likely to close shop any time. It would be best if you avoided such companies because they might close shop and leave you stranded. They might be after your money; once they get it, they will move out of town.

Wet pour surfaces are becoming popular in our playgrounds in schools. The depth to which they install the surface depends on the requirements. As you select a wet pour surfacing company for your playground, be diligent. Research on the background of a company before signing a deal with them.

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