Job Killing Course Review

Are you disciplined enough to teach yourself the learnings from one of the best courses in the world for becoming an online entrepreneur?

You will not believe how easy it is to become your own boss and earn as much money as you desire just from the teachings of this course…

What is Job Killing?

Job Killing is an extremely successful and detailed course which is renown for its rewarding return. Aimed towards entrepreneurs, small business owners and generally anyone interested in utilising their own time better and wanting to lead a lifestyle they have always desired. Job Killing covers topics from web design, lead generation, social media, copywriting, paid ads, (SEO) search engine optimization and sales techniques.

The course, which is more than achievable to complete in your spare time is short enough to understand the topics covered but detailed enough to be fully set up for success. The team at Job-Killing believe that upon completion of the course the individual should be fully competent in growing any business of your choice once specifically covering these main 4 topics –

  1. The main components of an effective website
  2. Website conversion best practices
  3. How to get both free and paid traffic to the website
  4. How to turn traffic into leads and leads into sales.

Is the Job-Killing course worth my time and investment?

“Trust the Process”

The course has proven to be a success and there are many Job-Killing practising entrepreneurs now earning 6 figures a month just from following these simple steps, so there is no question that the course is lucrative. The question you should be asking yourself is “am I prepared to work hard?”

If you are looking to reap the benefits of this course but not willing to put the time in, to action the teachings then this may not be the path for you. Dan Klein explains in his prospecting videos in the course how imperative time management is and how having 10 sales conversations per week should actually be 10 conversations per morning if you are to win in this field!

To get to a stage where you can work less you need to initially work more, short term pain for long term gain.

Is the Job-Killing course successful?

The course provides a ‘hall of fame’ including videos of the alumni of the course who have made a huge success from it. The videos talk through everything from how much money has been made to how it has changed the lives of thousands. The videos provide a real sense of what can be achieved.

There are thousands of companies in August 2022 crying out for SEO services and lead generation so if you follow the process you will never be short of work, in fact, you may be too inundated with work in which you may need to build up your own team.

If you feel stuck in a job/career that is no longer for you then Job Killing is one great opportunity to break away and become your own boss.

“Those in suits work for those in tracksuits….”

Pro’s to the course

The course has been designed to be a full education process covering all topics from creating and designing your own website to the running of your own lead generation business. The luxury you have with this course is that you can choose to run through the project in its entirety or just chose the topic which will benefit you.

Job Killing has an entire community so unlike some online courses, the social aspect might be the winning element for you. If you are used to working in a busy environment or with people daily then working online alone can be a massive culture shock. Job Killing has done a great job in making this transition easier and hosts conferences so students have the opportunity to meet.

The detail in the course I personally feel is excellent for novices, the due diligence sheet and step by step guide on how to create a website are in particularly thorough. I personally need to be interactive when I’m learning to keep my engagement throughout and Dan Klein is great as keeping you busy throughout. He also provides a summary in text underneath each video which is particularly helpful especially if the videos are lengthy.

Con’s to the course

If you’re expecting to dip into your pocket money to fund the course then you could be in for a shock. Job Killing has placed a hefty fee against its value and cleary they feel their course is of a very high standard. That being said if the case studies are earning six figures a month then this would be a very smart investment and would be repaid fairly quickly.

The benefits of paying large amounts upfront are that you are going to do everything in your power to implement the teachings and make this business work!

Personally, for me, the layout of the course is a little confusing. There is no introduction around how long the course should roughly take to complete or numbers or steps when working through the videos, so if you ever needed to refer back to a section its isn’t clear where the video would be.

Also, some of the videos aren’t very professional especially the outsourced ones and the audios are poor quality. If I am spending large amounts of money I expect the course to be of a very high standard in every area.


In short Dan Klein is offering a really profitable setup. His closing sales techniques are really powerful and are hard not to set you up for success. If you really home in on low hanging fruit niches and generate leads for business owners who will pay premium then you have hit the jackpot.

Mindset and resilience will play a huge part in your success though. Nothing is a success overnight and nothing good comes without knockbacks and failures. So stay focused and dominate!

As Google is an ever-changing matrix, its important to stay relevant and the course does exactly that with regular updates making it August 2022 relevant.

Providing you take action, have the desire to sell and are happy to interact to clients on a daily basis then Job Killing is the course for you!

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