Dan Klein

Dan Klein is an SEO Expert in Lead Generation for Businesses in the US.

He is the founder of the job killing seo course.

Who is Dan Klein?

Dan Klein is an online marketer who is like marmite – some lovers and some haters.

This mainly is because of his online lead generation course called – job killing.

I do feel what Dan Klein is offering with Job Killing is legit, but at times it does make out to be easier than it really is.

What Does Dan Klein Do?

Dan Klein has the business model of generating phone calls for small business owners, where he was getting a bunch of organic traffic.

A big upside towards their lead generation model is the minimum capital required.

I love selling on Amazon products, but it sure does take a lot of money to invest in ranking an amazon affiliate website.

“Starting a lead generation business is cheaper than jumping on the FBA bandwagon”

Local lead generation is what Dan Klein’s course teaches and there is a lot to learn from his techniques so the scam reviews he gets is out of order.

I quite the jobkilling course can be seen to be expensive but no one can put a price on quality education.

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