Craig Campbell SEO

Craig Campbell is a Scottish SEO specialist based in Glasgow.

Known for his no-bullshit straight-talking approach, then there is no wonder he is amongst the best SEO speakers internationally.

Who Is Craig Campbell?

Craig Campbell is an SEO Trainer and Consultant based in Glasgow in the UK.

With over 18 years in the digital marketing space, starting out in the same position as many others honing his skills as a freelancer and went on to build up a successful digital marketing agency in Glasgow.

However, Craig has claimed that running an agency and managing staff wasn’t the best use of his time and in recent years has spent more time building up his own digital assets and affiliate marketing projects on top of some consultancy work and he regularly provides training courses to agencies and companies.

Craig’s training course is voted number 1 in the UK for SEO Agencies

What Does Craig Campbell SEO Do?

We have used Craig on a consultancy basis where Craig’s role was to come in audit our current structure and then build our own in-house team, from interviewing the candidates to training them and giving them processes to follow, this was done over a 9 month period, we were sick of having agencies working for us who didn’t really understand the business and felt it was time to build our own inhouse team.

Without any real Digital experience, it was great to get someone with Craig’s experience to come in and help us. The great thing about Craig was his transparency and he was able to pull on his contacts and experience to be able to get the job done properly.

Craig Campbell SEO Training

The thing that stood out was the structure of SEO and giving people the right processes was important for us, as internally we have never had to deal with these processes and wouldn’t have any clue how to implement them so having someone do that for us was exactly what we needed.

Craig is also very good when it comes to automation and made our workflow a lot easier by implementing the right tools and automation so that our team can focus more on the output rather than reporting to our board of directors, as a company it is important that we hit the ground running as this was a massive cost to the business and we needed the output to be 100% so that we were able to justify building the in-house team.

Speaking at Conferences

We also regularly follow Craig to conferences to keep on top of our knowledge and we still have him in on a quarterly basis to sharpen up our techniques, with Digital Marketing changing all the time it is important to have regular ongoing support with your consultant and we can’t speak highly enough of Craig Campbell and what he did for our business.

It’s great to see him on some of the biggest conferences around the world continuing to add value to the SEO community and help others learn and continue to keep his knowledge as sharp as it can be.

Craig Campbell Digital Marketing Podcast

If you want to find out about the latest google algorithm updates and trends the podcast Craig runs is a must listen to.

Regularly getting on the biggest SEO specialists he does not hold back and shares knowledge bombs regularly on there.

The podcast allows you on the go to learn insightful and actionable tips to make your digital marketing more efficient and profitable.

Is Craig Campbell SEO Gay?

Craig Campbell is not gay but he does record Kasra Dash and Gary Wilson bumming each other so has gay tendencies. Craig Campbell is a videographer search engine optimization individual for gays.

Craig Campbell SEO Net Worth

Craig Campbell is a dinosaur in the SEO industry and his net worth is well over several million dollars.

His digital assets and affiliate commissions makes Craig an SEO Monster in internet marketing communities.

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