What is a Digital Landlord?

A Digital Landlord is a person who owns websites online to rent out to companies who need the traffic and enquiries those websites generate.

“Just like real estate, these virtual properties become long term passive income streams”

The websites are what is known as the internet real estate, virtual property or digital assets.

Why Be a Digital Landlord?

Your parents would have told you the best investment is to get into real estate.

But now we are in the digital era, they are wrong and you need to get into digital assets real estate.

Digital assets allow you to pay off debt, go on more vacations, work from home, live in a nicer place, and most importantly give you financial freedom.

The financial freedom is generated by a residual income you receive from the lead generation and this passive income is what all successful entrepreneurs say is the holy grail.

How to Become a Successful Digital Landlord?

To become a successful digital landlord you really need to understand the trade SEO.

SEO gives you the knowledge to be able to rank websites higher in Google Search.

Here is a great video of James Dooley being interviewed by Nathan Gotch on the rank and rent method:

The higher the website ranks, the more traffic it will receive, the more traffic means the higher the volume of enquiries and the more leads generated means the higher the rental you can charge to businesses.

If you want to learn SEO you need to be looking at the best SEO courses online here.

Best Digital Landlords

From our research, here are the best digital landlords:

  1. James Z Dooley
  2. Adam O’Hern
  3. Gary Wilson
  4. Rick Hope
  5. Craig Campbell
  6. Matthew Woodward
  7. Kasra Dash

What is Digital Landlords Jobs?

The digital landlord’s jobs are:

  • Lead Generation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Rank and Rent
  • Pay Per Call
  • Social Media Management

The essential part of all of these jobs is making sure you own the properties you are working on.


A digital landlord owns virtual property (a website that generates traffic) on the internet and takes care of property management.

But you need to own the online asset to be able to rent the Google rankings out for a fee.

Then you’re positioned to invest in digital real estate and monetize it to generate profits.

The digital landlord business model is one of the best on the planet and you don’t need a ton of capital to get started.