James Dooley

The core lesson you will learn from James Dooley in the SEO Community is your network is your net worth.

Growing a massive portfolio of digital real estate then James Z Dooley is one of the biggest digital landlords in the UK.

A legit online entrepreneur who goes out of his way to help others succeed.

A rising tide lifts all ships – so lets get the seo community to raise that tide!!

If you want to know more about James Dooley SEO journey check out this article.

Who is James Dooley?

James Dooley is an online entrepreneur running multiple companies based out of the UK.

James is the youngest of three sons.

Born and bred in the northwest of England, UK.

He is also known by the names ‘James Z Dooley’ or ‘James Dooley SEO’.

What Does James Dooley Do?

James Dooley runs a lot of successful digital companies.

Here is a list of just a few businesses he owns and manages:

  1. I am the Sports Director at Soft Surfaces Ltd working from our head office in Wilmslow
  2. Founder of PromoSEO Ltd running digital marketing to assist my other organisations
  3. Built out and own over 300 websites we do on a rank & rent model to contractors in the UK
  4. Partner with Rick Hope from Statuo on a dozen big paid ads lead generation clients
  5. Manage two call centres in the UK because understood the power of upsells and cross-sells in the lead generation sector
  6. Founder of JMD Property Developments Ltd purchasing houses to rent out or renovate and sell for on
  7. Owner of PromoMedia with my brother which operates traditional marketing in the UK
  8. Founder of Dooley Investments Ltd investing in affiliate websites
  9. Owner of this website FatRank which is a non-profit personal blog as opposed to business
  10. CoFounder of PromoPixa which is a video production company
  11. Chairman of Searcharoo which provides Search Engine Optimisation services
  12. Investor in Signal Boy that delivers engaged social shares for marketing
  13. Investor in Wiki Wookiee that delivers highly relevant Wikipedia Backlinks
  14. Investor in Video Veggie that rank Youtube videos in the search engines
  15. CoFounder of Boomtown Gaming Group which operates in the casino affiliate industry worldwide
  16. Owner of Dooley Thoroughbreds horse racing syndicate with my two older brothers owning half a dozen high-class racehorses in Ireland
  17. Currently in the process of setting up a zero profit-making charity to train students who might not have the chance to go University
  18. Several other online ventures I cannot disclose because got NDA in place
  19. Do you want to partner up? Or need investment in a big idea you have? I have the capital to invest if happy with the idea

As you can see above there is a lot of business ventures he carries out in June 2022.

What Does James Z Dooley Specialise In?

James Z Dooley has his fingers in a lot of pies but generally specialises in the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Investing in Digital Assets
  • Lead Generation in the UK

James Dooley recently was interviewed here on his growth from learning the trade of SEO to growing one of the largest digital real estate empires online.

Background Information

James has lived in Leigh all of his life so a born and bred ‘leyther’.

He plays for Leigh Athletic FC weekends and enjoys keeping fit as much as possible.

The family has not handed any money down to him so all wealth has been earned through hard work and graft.

James like most successful entrepreneurs struggled with finances when starting his career which seems to be a common occurrence and driving factor to energise them to push harder in their careers.

It is a nice story to hear all wealth has been earned through hard work as opposed to simply passed down from the older generation.

Best Places to Reach James Z Dooley

The best places to reach James Z Dooley are:

From Apprenticeship To Director

James Dooley strongly believes the onboarding and development of employees is the most important element to scaling a huge operation.

Here are some great success stories of James Dooley hiring SEO apprentices and training them up to become directors of large digital marketing businesses.

Dan Grant Story From SEO Apprentice to Director

Dan Grant has developed his skills within the SEO industry from backlinking, writing content to managing a large team of copywriters based in the UK.

Check out the interview where James Z Dooley questions Dan Grant on his growth and progression.


Here is the full list of resources about the digital landlord James Dooley: