Karl Hudson

Karl is an online entrepreneur who specialises in SEO.

He has run multiple successful businesses and has many marketing assets.

Karl Hudson’s major investment is through Alpha Digital Group where he plans to invest using the rolling-up strategy for bolt-on acquisitions investments.

Karl Hudson has teamed up with SEO specialist James Dooley for the growing out of digital assets.

Some of the main niches he has dealt with are Gambling, achieving top rankings in the UK for many difficult keywords for over 5 years.

He also is heavily involved in other niches like Health & Fitness & Dating.

Karl also is the founder of a Link Building & Content Marketing Agency called Searcharoo which specialises in helping all types of website owners and agencies develop cutting-edge strategies to maximise their exposure in SERPs.

Karl primarily focuses his efforts on building topical relevancy and content clusters and finds it to be one of the key fundamentals when it comes having a website which performs not only in the SERPs but also satisfies the intent of the users.

Karl has his own blog, albeit it is a little outdated www.karlhudson.co.uk

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