Gareth Daine

Gareth Daine is an online entrepreneur who is very well known throughout all the SEO communities.

Gareth Daine is the CEO of Daine Media, a UK-based digital marketing agency focusing on organic search marketing and PPC.

Who is Gareth Daine?

Gareth has been in marketing and software development for over 23 years combined.

Originally starting out as a web developer in 1996, Gareth moved into marketing in 2007.

With a unique mix of software engineering experience combined with high-level technical SEO and marketing knowledge, Gareth now primarily focuses on helping businesses globally increase their online visibility through robust technical solutions and exceptional marketing campaigns.

What Does Daine Media Do?

Daine Media is an ROI-focused digital marketing agency, in that, the primary goal of any marketing campaign undertaken by Daine Media is designed to do just one thing.

“Increase your bottom line”

They don’t focus on vanity metrics like mere traffic numbers or rankings, but on the quality of the traffic they generate and how well they’re able to help convert that traffic into sales

Focusing heavily on local businesses and the affiliate marketing space, through their custom-built affiliate site build and growth service, Daine Media work with clients all over the world, from small local businesses, to larger organisations with upwards of $20k per month marketing budgets.

Daine Media primarily focus on organic search visibility and PPC and have achieved exceptional results for their clients.

With a 13-strong team of exceptionally well-trained and experienced marketers, Daine Media has the knowledge and capability to handle any marketing and technical challenge.

Niche Affiliate Empires & Affiliate Portfolio

Gareth and the team at Daine Media run a very successful affiliate marketing Facebook group called Niche Affiliate Empires, which boasts over 4k members, with some of the best marketers in the world amongst their numbers.

As well as running a successful group, Daine Media also run a portfolio of growing affiliate sites and are currently growing and diversifying this portfolio.

Daine Media also help grow digital assets for other people and offer several robust marketing packages to help clients build their own successful affiliate businesses and authority sites.

Speaking & Events

Gareth Daine is also a speaker and has spoken at several international events, including the Marketing Business Summit, where he spoke on affiliate marketing growth in November 2019.

Gareth often organises UK-based meet-ups and events and hosts talks by many high-level marketers.

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