Olesia Korobka

Olesia Korobka is SEO solopreneur interested in maximizing profits through different aspects of SEO as a business part of the model and academic growth in terms of SEO as a science.

What Does Olesia Do in SEO?

Most Olesia Korobka client work is subject to NDA. However, there are a few lead gen projects in the USA, mostly pets and home or related niches.

Another important input is community sharing and creating value to people locally as well as around the world.

One of the biggest aspirations is serving towards a better and friendlier SEO community, SEO community evolution, knowledge and research vs guess and myth, unity of individual specialists and mutual growth vs isolated micro-steps.

What Does Olesia Korobka Specialise In?

Olesia Korobka specialises in SEO research, studies, reverse engineering, boosting existing performance.

The key concept is to achieve a process where human factor could be greatly reduced if not eliminated, decrease the number of contractors required and generate the most income with less spending.

The most alluring aspect of future work is ML&AI.

Substituting content writers, image creators, video makers and SEOs with various generators.

Inside the SEO community, it is connecting people together for their mutual benefit.

A Little History

Previously, Olesia worked in the advertising department at UMH Group in Ukraine in the role of a sales deputy director.

Sales background still helps in talking to clients and organising SEO processes.

Where Is Olesia Korobka Located?

As her son needs to go to school, Olesia decided to stop travelling at this point and try to settle in one place, choosing Kyiv, Ukraine as one of the best cities for digital marketers in the world.

Best Places To Reach Olesia Korobka

The best places to get in touch with Olesia Korobka is:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/olesia.korobka
And Telegram – https://t.me/Fajela

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