Alex Becker

Alex Becker has plenty of fans thanks to his charismatic youtube videos which he uses to sell products.

He has spoken at many SEO conferences and is well known in the digital marketing industry.

Is Alex Becker a scam artist?

Alex Becker is from Dallas, Texas, and was born on May 24, 1988.

There is no doubt Alex Becker has a lot of haters in the online world due to him selling and misleading his followers on crap products for him to earn a commission.

Alex Becker has the most products available for sale and plenty of fans to sell it to but recently in March 2024 there seems to be a shift in his mentality to move away from selling any product to make a fast buck.

Can you make money with SEO Alex becker?

Alex Becker is a legit digital marketer but some of his courses have had some pretty awful reviews.

Promoting quick win make a million courses have tarnished Alex Beckers’s name because he was making a quick buck through affiliating and not thinking about the user purchasing these low-level courses.

He now focuses his attention on growing his software business Hyros which is a great product.

Alex becker companies

Alex Becker is an American entrepreneur and owns companies like:

  • Source Wave
  • Market Hero
  • Spekter Labs
  • Hyros

He is also known for his YouTube videos and Shopify training programs, where he teaches about entrepreneurship and marketing.

Alex Becker’s Net Worth

Alex Becker’s Net Worth is estimated at over 10 million dollars.

This value will more than likely be treble this figure with the digital assets he owns and follower lists.

Alex Becker Youtube Review

Love the guy or hate the guy then Alex Becker Youtube Channel is certainly one you should subscribe to.

As a serial entrepreneur, he certainly delivers value on his videos.

His video SEO skills are great reaching a wide audience of SEOs looking to make money online.


Below are the products Alex Becker promotes and tries to sell online.

  • Source Wave University Review
  • Market Hero Review
  • H-Com 2020 Review
  • The Black File Review
  • Hero Consulting Accelerator Review
  • 8X HERO ACADEMY Review

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