Dan Stanton

Dan Stanton is an expert in organic social media management.

An ex-army specialist he has the amazing work ethic and systems to succeed in whatever he turns his hand towards.

“Tough times don’t last but tough people do”

A model, an actor, an online marketing guru and owner of a few clothes businesses then Dan has a lot going for him.

Dan Stanton Background

Dan grew up in Stoke on Trent with a disadvantaged upbringing – “with a get a job, get married, retire poor and die attitude”.

And Dan knew from a young age something had to change and break out of this mould.

After leaving school and going to college to learn bricklaying he decided it wasn’t the career he wanted so he joined the Army looking for adventure as an infantry soldier.

He served on multiple operations overseas and was dropped in the thick of it. He even took part in one particular mission what was talked about in a well-known book.

After passing his none commissioned officer cadre and became a lance corporal he trained for the Special forces selection course.

After a knee injury, he was forced to rejoin his regiment and became part of the regimental training team to help the new recruits through faze 1 with his wealth of military experience.

The Army was his life but as the months turned into years his entrepreneurial mind to look hold of him.

After leaving the Army Dan travelled to live in Spain for 4 years where he set about getting a business up and running.

With the area being a popular tourist area with party-goers and Dan enjoying a party himself he set about looking after them by organising club parties, he employed a great team to make that one of many a great success.

After 4 years he headed back to the Uk and got involved in the recycling business Buying and Shipping second-hand goods overseas building a successfully multi premises company with 17 staff.

Where to Find Dan?

Dan Stanton is now living in the north-west of England near to Manchester.

He is actively promoting services in many SEO communities and networking with many online entrepreneurs.

What Does Dan Stanton Do?

Juggling between his clothing businesses full time then Dans ‘never die attitude’ also manages to find time being an actor and model.

But Dan will be the first to say ‘he needs to find that lucky breakthrough’ somewhere and then he will grasp it with both hands.

He is actively learning and developing every day to further his knowledge in the digital marketing world so can attend the best masterminds globally.

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