Jason Karpouzis

Jason Karpouzis is an online entrepreneur based in Phuket, Thailand.

Jason was born in the UK but grew up in Greece.

Who Is Jason Karpouzis?

Jason Karpouzis is an expert at building teams, systems and scaling. He mainly focuses on the operation side of things.

He is the co-founder of Diggity Marketing and LeadSpring LLC which he is not part of anymore.

Right now he is part of Print On Demand (POD) Shopify APPs, runs fulfilment/manufacturing centres in China, Thailand and has multiple successful e-com brands.

After studying Artificial Intelligence he realised that it was not for him.

He then started focusing on SEO and fell in love with it as it was very technical and it could be systemised.

He is one of those people that have an insane work ethic. Jason believes that hard work beats talent.

What Does Jason Karpouzis Do?

He currently runs the day to day operations for some Shopify Print On Demand Apps and also fulfilment/manufacturing facilities in China and Thailand.

He has leveraged his many years of SEO experience with his current setup of manufacturing and fulfilling to create multiple e-com brands.

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