Scott Calland

Scott Calland is a UK based online entrepreneur.

With an English degree and marketing background, he is building a large successful copywriting agency.

Starting Out

Scott began his journey in a business development role for a profitable surfacing company in Cheshire, England.

In this time, he was involved in many different aspects of the general running of the business. This included sales, estimating, business development project management and marketing.

Scott became particularly interested in generating enquiries for the business during this time. He developed a good knowledge of SEO and became particularly interested in the content aspect.

What Does Scott Calland Do?

Scott currently runs a content agency that writes articles on a wide range of different topics for both in house and external sites.

Along with a flourishing copywriting agency, Scott oversees the general day to day running of Promo-SEO to ensure the constant development of the company.

He also has a number of JV’s with James Dooley and Kasra Dash buying and selling sites.


Scott comes from a sporting background and has played football from a young age. Because of this, he has really adopted the values of playing a team sport instills.

With a competitive attitude, Scott loves nothing more than working as part of a team in a leadership role to achieve massive goals.

He continues to do so in business and online marketing.

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