Lefteris Soulas

Lefteris Soulas is a data scientist entrepreneur residing in New York City.

He holds a Master of Science in Data Science from New York University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the University of Crete.

Leo has almost 10 years of professional experience in Fortune 500 companies in the field of machine learning.

He has numerous participations in conferences and seminars and is an author of Fast Methods for Statistical Arbitrage.

He holds patents in the United States and inventor’s awards for predictive analytics.

He was voted #1 Machine Learning Expert in the field of SEO for 2020.

Chimera Sciences – Data Science For Everyone

Lefteris is a partner and founder of Chimera Sciences LLC, a data science company based out of New York, aiming to bring AI to every business.

Chimera Sciences focuses on creating automation tools, crawlers, forecasting algorithms, pattern recognition, clustering models and more.

Chimera also has in-depth experience with Amazon AWS infrastructure to create the most scalable web applications through serverless frameworks.

Their clients span across different industries, from fitness coaches to SEOs and financial analysts.

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Chartico – Automated Client Reporting

Chimera Science’s first SaaS product offers an inexpensive solution to a costly scaling problem.

Chartico enables businesses that operate out of Google Sheets, to seamlessly share beautiful charts and reports with their clients.

They may also track their clients’ viewing behaviour through detailed analytics and up-sell their clients with promotional ads. With Chartico Ads, Businesses can learn how their creatives perform with existing clients before launching them with costly PPC programs, like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

These promotional ads provide valuable insights on how their creatives perform with an existing client, before using them in costly PPC programs, like Google AdWords or FB Ads. Give Chartico a try today

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