Tony Peacock

Tony Peacock is best known for his link building service LinkDaddy.

He also founded the Video Marketing Group on Facebook 2015 to help those interested in video SEO an opportunity to collaborate and gain better skills in all aspects of video marketing.

What most people don’t know about Tony is his ability to duplicate, listen and understand his customer’s needs along with his out of the box thinking and make it go right attitude.

Who Is Tony Peacock?

Tony is an online entrepreneur who is best known for creating the world’s largest network of niche relevant blogs.

Born 24 May 1968, Brisbane, QLD, Australia Tony was given the name Anthony James Peacock by his parents. A year later he became a brother to his sister Nicole.

Tony has a vast background in sales and has travelled to many countries to learn about different cultures and to try the local food.

Tony is also known for his substantial financial contributions to many life betterment programs in the areas of drug rehabilitation, criminal reform, literacy, human rights, moral conduct and helps educate doctors and opinion leaders and government officials on psychiatric abuses and the dangers of psych drugs.

“You’re only as valuable as your ability to serve others”

What Does Tony Peacock Do?

Tony spends most of the time helping customers with their search engine optimization needs. He is a supplier of niche relevant backlinks and embeds and works directly with business owners, marketers and many SEO agencies.

Tony also spends time studying and working on his own personal enhancement so that he can increase his IQ and his ability to because over matter, energy, space and time.

What Does Tony Peacock Specialise In?

Tony has built the world’s largest network of niche relevant blogs.

He specialises in niche relevant backlinks and embeds in nine different languages such as English, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian and Dutch.

The niche relevant backlinks help rank videos, google map listings, websites and power up citations, niche edit link insertions, guest posts, social listings and other mentions of a business on the internet to help drive more traffic and get more customers in those countries.

A Little History On Tony Peacock

Tony started out travelling around Australia doing door to door selling for five years before getting into selling ad space on wall planners, directories, and glossy magazines.

His sales production was unmatched by the combined sales volume of sixteen other sales representatives in that company.

Tony then became highly trained in the areas of communication, study technology, ethics and the mind while working in the Church of Scientology. Here he served as a volunteer worker forty plus hours a week while working at night and on weekends to make ends meet.

In this time he became a Clear and overcome his addiction to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and now leads a very self-determined and ethical life.

This then leads to him finding and marrying the love of his life and he moved to Russia and has lived there for the last eight years.

Where Is Tony Peacock Located?

Tony mostly works from his home office in Russia but also tends to travel and is considered a digital nomad.

Based out of Moscow in Russia he is settled in and works for companies internationally.

What Entrepreneurial Status Is Tony Peacock?

Tony Peacock is known as the following entrepreneurial status:

  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Influencer Entrepreneur
  • Solopreneur

As you can see Tony is an influential marketer in the SEO communities.

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