Jasper Morris

Jasper Morris is a link building technician based in the UK.

Jasper is the head link builder in QOQ Links based out of the UK with his dad Jason Morris.

Who Is Jasper Morris?

Jasper is a Link Builder based out in Cheshire, UK.

He heads up the Link Building for QOQ links and also deals with client acquisition and management.


From a young age, he knew he wanted to help run a successful business and make a difference in an industry and people’s lives.

At 16, instead of going to college he jumped right into an IT Apprenticeship. This is where he learned how a typical business is run, and how to be a professional.

After spending a couple of years there he wanted to develop his career and move on, working at a data agency and a digital signage agency he developed high-level skills in sales and marketing.

Meanwhile, his father, Jason Morris, was building a well-established outreach and link building agency.

As the business was growing, he asked Jasper to come work for him and help grow the business.

Jasper was now part of the family business Profit Engine, helping to create a clear and concise process, bring in new clients and build high-quality backlinks.

Out of the family business grew QOQ links, a link building agency that uses the newest technologies to make a boring, time consuming but essential process effortless.

Jasper helps SEO agencies and international corporations build links quickly, deliver bulk orders and still provide the high quality they need to rank their websites.

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