Tom De Spiegelaere

Tom De Spiegelaere has a wealth of knowledge in the affiliate marketing industry.

He started out as a web designer doing web dev and SEO for clients, then switched to affiliate marketing as it’s a lot more scalable with less hassle.

Check out the video on Tom de Spiegelaere growing Income by Switching from Client to Affiliate.

Tom is an SEO based out of Brisbane, Australia. When I first met him, he ran an SEO agency. Less than a year later, he had fired all his clients, went 100% into affiliate SEO, and trippled his income in just 7 months. Tom spills the beans in this interview on exactly what he does to rank, the services he uses, and how you can also follow his footsteps into affiliate SEO.

Where to Find Tom De Spiegelaere?

You’ll find him travelling between Australia and SE-Asia every year, doing conferences and attending masterminds.

He also has a few decent public case studies on his blog, for anyone wanting to grab some nuggets.

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