Dean Signori

A phrase that appears often on the profiles of Dean Signori is “If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that”.

He is obsessed with learning new things both for his career and his personal interests.

Who is Dean Signori?

Dean Signori is an online entrepreneur with a strong track record in SEO and a background in web development with a career spanning 12 years in the SEO industry.

He has three children – Isla Signori, Harry Mcgee, Amelia Signori-Don & a daughter in law Nancy-May Scott who are all a big part of his life.

Born and bred in Darlington in the Northeast, UK is also known as “Darlo”.

What does Dean Signori Do?

Primarily Dean Signori runs a successful digital agency in Darlington called UK Web GeekZ. A full-stack digital agency offering PPC, SEO, Google Shopping Management & Website Design.

Throughout his early career path as a freelance SEO, he admits that his time was not best spent learning and testing and building other people’s businesses and should have set out on his current path a lot sooner.

Dean Signori now splits his workload between clients, his own digital assets and lead generation sites so as not to be too dependent on anyone income stream.

His current goal is to dive into affiliate marketing and put to work his skills in search engine optimisation. As well as triple his lead generation assets.

What Does Dean Signori Specialise In?

Dean Signori covers a wide range of skillsets as most online marketers do but tend to focus on the following:

Dean has generated over £45 million in ads revenue year to date.

Background Information

Dean is a strong believer in working hard to play harder.

He has always had a passion for weightlifting but admits he is getting on a bit now and has started to focus on fitness often involving his children to get them in the same active mindset.

Deans’ upbringing in a single-parent family has given him the passion and drive to constantly better himself and be successful to give his children a better life. He says that school life was not a good fit for him and has excelled since leaving school both at his time at university and in his first and current career.

Dean has an HND in Computing & got 2:1 (Hons) in a BSC Web Development degree from Teesside University in 2012. He realised web development was not something he had a passion for and sidestepped into SEO during his time at university.

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